Reddit Users Share Their Best Cat Pics—And They’re Purrfect!

Kitty got mad fetching skills!

I could have sworn they told us she was a cat at the shelter. from aww

Get in here!

Head-bump loving cats are the WORST when they have the cone of shame! from AnimalsBeingJerks

Sweet mama.

Mama cat bringing her kittens to her human’s bed as a sign of trust from aww

Such a precious moment.

My husband comforting our kitten at the vet from aww

There’s always time to stop and pet the kitties!

UPS man took a moment yesterday for himself. It was a good moment for both him and the cat. from aww

I can’t even with this level of cat cuteness!

This is Two Face doing her “Treat Prayer” move. 10/10 works every time. from aww

Okay, this is officially the strangest cat coincidence ever.

There is 2 of each cat outside of this abandoned house. from mildlyinteresting


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