Peaky Blinders Kittens Show Off Fighting Spirit After Cheating Death

I will never, ever, ever understand how a person can go and abandon a helpless, tiny kitten. And worse, a litter of them. But thankfully sometimes in life, fate has better things in store for animals who were cruelly treated by heartless individuals. For one litter of seven precious kittens, they had very little hope of survival. Found dumped in a garden, the litter was on “death’s door” when they were rescued and arrived at an animal shelter in the UK. 

Sadly, two of the seven were not able to make it to the rescue. But for the five little kittens that did, immediately a team of workers set out to make it their mission to save these precious babies. The kittens were all suffering from the cat flu, and needed help quickly in order to survive. The infection spread to their eyes, and the kittens were all hanging on for dear life.

Everyone, meet Tommy, May, Grace, Ada & Polly

But when they arrived, this was not how they looked at all. In a Facebook post from June 11th, White Cross Vets of Wolverhampton shared that:

A local rescue collected 5 extremely poorly kittens riddled with Cat Flu and brought them here to us at White Cross. They were struggling to breathe, inappetent and their eyes were in an awful state. We named them Tommy, Polly, Ada, Grace and May, after the Peaky Blinders. Our nurses Jo, Sioned and new nurse Danni took on the challenge. Jo began fostering Polly and Tommy, Danni took Grace and Ada and Sioned fostered May. Thanks to Stray Cat Rescue Team and our nurses their future now looks bright. It just goes to show what the right medicines, nursing care and a bit of TLC can do! Well done ladies 🥰

This video shows their progress over the course of just ONE week!

This video also highlights the importance of neutering your cats. Kittens can get pregnant as young as 4 months old and can breed with other cats they are related to. Although the Peaky Blinders are now doing well, their suffering was completely avoidable. 

Thanks to Stray Cat Rescue team and the dedicated nurses at White Cross Vets in Wolverhampton, UK, in just a week’s time the kittens were showing much improvement. And because of their resilient fighting spirit, the kittens were all renamed after characters from the hit BBC TV series Peaky Blinders

And best of all, these kitties have all found loving forever homes where they can remain safe and sound—with members of the White Cross Vets’ staff! After all they’ve been through, members of the team decided they couldn’t let them go. One by one, the five were adopted by members of the team and we know they’ll be in very good hands. 

I’d like to give a very special thank you to the people who worked so hard to see these kittens get the life they deserve. If you’d like to learn more about Stray Cat Rescue and White Cross Vets and the amazing work they do to help our animal friends in need, you can visit their websites here: Stray Cat Rescue — UK & White Cross Vets – Wolverhampton

If this story of survival made you smile, share this video with another cat lover you know—or a fan of Peaky Blinders might think this is purrfect, too!

All Images Courtesy of White Cross Vets of Wolverhampton


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