Officer Goes Above And Beyond For Homeless Kitten In Need

Oh, how I love little kittens. And if you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for cats, then you surely can’t resist kittens either. And this is especially true in the case of kittens in dire need of help! Each day, the brave men and women who serve and protect us prove to us that every life is worth saving—no matter if they have four legs or two!

For two officers with the Durham Police Department, they were recently on patrol when they discovered a tiny kitten all alone and in distress. Immediately they sprung into action so this sweet little baby could get the second chance they deserve. But, the rescuing didn’t stop there!

Their Facebook post reads that,

Two Durham police officers rescued a tiny kitten in distress and the lucky kitten found a new home with one of the officers.

Squad 4B Officers E.L. Masnik and J.N. Rowsey saw the kitten, who appeared to be frightened and alone, while on patrol near Linwood Avenue and Dawkins Street this week. The officers searched the neighborhood in an attempt to find the kitten’s owner or its mother but had no luck.

“We couldn’t leave the kitten in the street,” Officer Masnik said. The officers carefully picked up the kitten and brought it to safety in Officer Rowsey’s patrol car. The kitten, who has not been named yet, quickly made itself comfortable and appears very happy to have found a new home with Officer Rowsey.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to both of these officers for saving this kitty in the line of duty. It’s nice to hear an uplifting news story, and it’s clear to see that this new cat mom and her kitten are already smitten with each other.

All Images Courtesy of Durham Police Department

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