Mitzy The Tuxie Proves Sometimes A Boy And His Cat Is The Most Special Bond Of All

Mitzy the Tuxie

Cats are truly special beings. They have a way of opening our eyes and filling our hearts with endless love. Cats seem to understand us in ways that many humans can’t, and if one thing is certain it’s that cats are compassionate creatures that embody understanding. For Mitzy, she is a lovely tuxedo cat with gorgeous markings and a kind heart. She spends her days with her devoted humans, and she’s shown one young boy that someone can be your very best friend without the use of words. I caught up with her cat mom hoping to feature her sweet story on the site, and thankfully she agreed, so everyone learn all about this sweet girl you’ll be sure to love.

Mitzy the TuxieMitzy the Tuxie

How did Mitzy come into your life?

I live in Reading in the UK, just me and my son who has a rare syndrome… We moved house 2 years ago and our beautiful furbaby Simba who we had for 6 years went missing 🙁 with no luck in searching for her after a few months, our family didn’t feel complete. So we saw Mitzy on a local pet site and went to meet her… She was the last kitten left… Mum was Maine Coone dad was a Toyger and I fell in love with her so home she came with us.

Mitzy the TuxieMitzy the Tuxie

How did Mitzy get her name?

Her little white paws are like mittens so we called her Mitzy and although my son is nonverbal he can verbalise the letter M…

What is her personality like?

She has fitted in so well to our imperfect family and has made a great bond with my son already.. . She has been with us since October last year and my son’s obsession is puzzles and she loves to be close and involved.

Mitzy the TuxieMitzy the Tuxie

What are her favorite hobbies?

Our last furbaby was quite shy but Mitzy is very confident… She loves people, playing, and Scratching my chairs!! And fluffy belly rubs. She has just started to discover the big outdoors but I’m still nervous to let her go far after losing Simba but cats are born to be out so we shall take it slowly.

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Mitzy?

She’s a special little girl to join us and be close to my son also what started as just Insta fun has turned into over 6K followers! People also mistake her for a boy because of the bow ties 🙂 but they really suit her we use a lady on Instagram fancy feline collars and love her bow collars… Cute but psycho is the one she has now.

Mitzy the TuxieMitzy the Tuxie

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Mitzy’s cat mum for allowing me to share her sweet story and precious photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Stories like Mitzy’s just go to show you that special bonds don’t need words. For more on this super cute tuxedo kitty cat, be sure to check her out here on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of mitzy_thetuxie on Instagram

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