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Meet Teddy, Cedric, And Roo—AKA Secret Life Of The Burms

by Cattitude Daily

For three lovely felines based in Leicestershire, UK, they turn heads online for their love of posing and cute cat antics. For Teddy, Cedric, and Roo, they’re a trio of Burmese cats in three unique shades that are as photogenic and beautiful as can be. I recently caught up with their cat mom hoping to feature them on the site, and thankfully for me, she agreed! Not only are these cats gorgeous, but it’s clear to see in their photos just how much they absolutely love each other. And they’re living proof that sometimes multiple cat households can be a life of purrfect harmony!

So, everyone, meet Teddy, Cedric, and Roo…and learn about their beautiful late cat sister, Cleo, who sadly passed away last month at the age of 18.

Teddy, is the brown kitty, Cedric, the Lilac, and Roo, Chocolate

How did you choose their names?

We chose Teddy’s name purely because as a little kitten he just looked like a cute, little, brown, teddy bear. Cedric’s pedigree name is ‘The Wizard’ so we decided to stick with the theme but wanted a name which was a little bit different. He was named after Cedric from Harry Potter. When we brought Roo home, he bounced everywhere, he jumps on his back legs, even now, so we named him after Roo from Winnie the Pooh.

How do they get along with one another?

They all get along great! Before we sadly lost Cleo recently, Cedric would always snuggle with her and Teddy and Roo would pair up to sleep most of the time. They all really do adore each other, we are very lucky they’ve bonded so well.

The late Cleo, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past January

How would you describe each of their personalities?

Their personalities are quite different but typical Burmese. Teddy is demanding, constantly wants human contact and into everything! He’s a very loving boy, very needy. Cedric is the most intelligent but sensitive cat I’ve ever known with so much love to give. Roo is a real love but on his terms. He’s still very kitten-like in many of his ways.

What are their favorite hobbies?

They love spending their days when the weather is good in their catio watching the birds and enjoying the sunshine. As we live in the countryside, there’s lots of wildlife to keep them entertained!

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Teddy, Cedric, and Roo?

Teddy is a mummy’s boy and his favourite games are hide and seek and chase with his teenage human. Cedric is extremely vocal, he loves waking the whole house up in the middle of the night with his nightly opera sessions! He also loves playing fetch with his favourite ball. Roo has never outgrown suckling on his comfort blanket which was brought for him as a kitten. He likes to suckle and make biscuits before having a nice long nap.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to the Secret Life of Burms’ cat mom, Karen, for allowing me to share her cat’s stories and beautiful images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on this stunning cat family, be sure to check out the Secret Life of the Burms on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of Secret Life of the Burms on Instagram

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