Meet Loki Kitteh: A Cuddly And Cute Cat Vampire

When you have a unique look, sometimes you instantly get noticed. For Angel, other cats at the shelter were not very nice to her. She has a unique look that kinda makes her look as she’s angry all the time. Kaetlyn Koch of Portland, Maine was lending her time at Chittenden County Humane Society and stumbled across a photo of a unique looking feline who was being held safely in an employee’s office because the other shelter kitties kept treating her unfairly and attacking her.

Koch told TODAY, about the now famous kitty we know as Loki Kitteh:

“At the time I had no interest in taking in a fuzzy companion. But I had to meet her.”

Loki Kitteh

Meet her she did, and as they say , the rest was history!

“I was brought to the office and they pulled open a desk drawer to reveal a very perturbed looking feline,” Koch said. “She was huddled all the way to the back and glared at me with those big blue eyes, and the girls explained to me that she was very shy, but occasionally showed affection to specific employees. They fed her a few treats and then allowed her to retreat back into the darkness of the desk.”

And the very next day she brought this adorable vampire cat who she appropriately renamed Loki Kitteh to come home and live with her.

Loki Kitteh

Loki Kitteh

Loki’s name pays homage to a god in Norse mythology, and the name seemed much more suitable than angel for a kitty with fierce fangs and a cute grimace.

Although this shelter kitty was timid at first, her cat mom reports that she’s been nothing but loving once she settled in and learned to trust. Koch said, “She’s the most loving and snuggly cat I’ve ever had.”

Loki Kitteh

For Loki Kitteh, she is reportedly in good health and has good vision, despite the fact that this sweet girl must sleep with one eye open as it will not fully close. But, really, that just makes her ever more the feline vampire! Koch doesn’t know much about her cat’s past, and she adopted Loki when she was around 8 years of age. Perhaps it will remain a mystery, just as her cute appearance is. Either way, her dedicated cat mom spoils her to make up for lost time.

Loki Kitteh’s first Instagram photo from January 2015

Loki Kitteh

The senior gal spends her days being oh-so-adorable and purrfectly photogenic, and in just the five years that she’s been a feline cat celebrity, she’s amassed an impressive fan base. Her 473k and growing fan base on Instagram get to oh and ahh over her natural adorableness that she effortlessly displays daily.

Loki Kitteh, you are simply the cutest kitty! If I were your cat mom, I’d get nothing done all day because I would just stare at you and smile. 

Want to keep up with this pretty lady on social media? You can find her on Instagram @Loki_Kitten, and/or on Facebook at The little Vampire Cat.

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All Images Courtesy of Loki_Kitteh on Instagram

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