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Meet Horst: A Rescued Black Cat Who Is Now The King Of His Home

by Cattitude Daily

For black cats, they don’t have to do much to look insanely cool. They’re naturally stunning with their sleek and shiny coats, and their eyes are always simply mesmerizing set against their dark and lovely coat. And Horst is here to prove that black cats are good luck, ambassadors of a good mood, and totally rad.

Everyone, meet Horst—a cool rescue cat with fangs that loves to turn on his charm for the camera.

Horst and his humble servants and cat housemates live in the town of Zwickau in Saxony, Germany. He spends his days doting on his loved ones, doing as he pleases, and hamming it up for the camera. And, of course, showing off his super cool cat fangs while flexing in his royal collar. He really is a fun cat, and I know you’ll love his images just as much as I do!

I caught up with Horst’s owner and asked them a few questions about their handsome cat. Keep reading to learn their answers for this strapping and fanged feline!

How did you meet Horst?

“We rescued Horst from the animal shelter on October 15, 2009. He was around three years old at the time.”

How did Horst get his name?

“The name is unusual for a cat. It’s an old-fashioned first name. Our daughter came up with the idea of ​​the name.”

What’s his personality like?

“Horst is a cuddly cat. He’s very affectionate and has never scratched us.”

Does he have any cat housemates?

“Horst lived as a single cat for a while. Sammy came to us in 2012. Horst looked after him like a mom. Sammy was run over by a car in October 2018. Then Bingo and Rosi came to us from the animal shelter. A ginger has lived here again since July. His name is Boris.”

What’s something special you’d want people to know about him?

“Horst feels naked without his collar.”

Can’t get enough of this cutie pie? Keep up with him on Instagram to fill your feed with his royal awesomeness. I’d like to give a special thank-you to his owner for allowing me to share his story and images with you all. If you know another cat person who would get a kick out of this handsome dude, share this story with them!

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All Images Courtesy of horst_the_hero on Instagram

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