Meet Grumpy Barbara: A Rescue Kitty Who Always Looks Mad

I think cats are the masters of flashing us with their looks of disapproval. A cat is never going to hide the way that he or she feels. But if you ask me, that’s just one of their many charms. For Barbara the cat, she wears her heart right on her sleeve. And judging from her adorable little face, she wears her look of discontent right on her face, too.

Sarah Borok of Brooklyn, NY is a lover of cats, and she rescued Barbara from a local rescue in her area. She has a big heart and likes to lend her time helping animals in need. Barbara, formerly Belle, was fostered by Beth Stern. (Yes, THE Beth Stern, wife of Howard and advocate for cats in need.)

North Shore Animal League America and Beth Stern were responsible for bringing this grumpy-faced gal into Sarah’s life.

“The shelter had deemed her as not an adoptable cat,” Sarah told The Dodo.

Despite this, Sarah was up for the task. Cats can be moody for many reasons, so it’s not little Barb’s fault, really. And Sarah knew that.

grumpy barbara

As we know sometimes in life, all it takes is that one person to take a chance on you. Cats are the same. Behavioral issues are one of the top reasons that cats are surrendered to shelters each day. For Barbara, she was labeled an aggressive cat.

When you receive this label, sometimes people are reluctant to give you a chance. But not Sarah. She knew once she brought Barbara home, she’d have to give her the space that she needed to let her little wall come down. Patience, space, respect.

Slowly but surely, Barbara’s little wall started to come down. She’d found a human who deserved her love—forever.

Grumpy Barbara as she’s known on Instagram is a stealer of many hearts. Mine included! But all those cute photos of her are meant to bring hope, smiles, and to encourage everyone out there about the power of adoption.

Always watching…always judging!

grumpy barbara

grumpy barbara

If Barbara hadn’t been given her chance, she wouldn’t be here making you smile right now. As her Instagram states, she also helps her cat mom “save more animals like me through @readyforrescue.”

Sarah told Bored Panda that, “Barbara’s priority in life is to be on me, wherever I am, and that includes the bathroom. She takes time throughout the day to enjoy playing with cat toys (the cat dancer, a rainbow ball she’s decided is the only ball she will play fetch with) but she gets tired of games easily.”

Watch their sweet story below as part of The Dodo’s Soulmates series:

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All Images Courtesy of Grumpy Barbara on Instagram

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