Mama Cat And Her Kittens Dumped At A Graveyard

A cemetery is a place that makes many of us have a very strong reaction. And this is due to fears and thinking of loved ones lost. Not far outside of San Antonio, Texas lies Atascosa County. Just this week, there was a startling discovery made unlike any ever seen in recent years. According to CBS 4 News San Antonio, a litter of kittens and their mother were abandoned without food, water, or shelter in a cemetery.

Atascosa County Animal Control created a Facebook post this past Thursday sharing the news of these cats’ plight, and although their tale is tragic, there is a happy ending for the kittens:

Inhumanity at its best…

This is not the way to honor your passed loved ones or your pets…

Some sad, heartless, person decided that the cemetery was the perfect place to dump a momma cat and some sweet kittens. I guess they figured that someone would just take them when they came to visit a passed loved one. So what if they didn’t have food or water? Let’s not forget the hungry coyotes and owls that are always looking for an easy meal. This person may not have been seen by the living but they were certainly seen by the deceased. Hopefully, they will visit this person in their sleep and remind them of their despicable deed……..

Sadly, momma cat didn’t make it. She may have been trying to get back into the car that dumped her and ended up underneath. Atascosa County Animal Control picked up the surviving kittens and we will make sure that they have food, water, and shelter from now on. Please take a good look at the kittens and if you know who may have dumped them please contact us and speak to our investigator. We are currently handling this as a criminal investigation for animal cruelty by abandonment.
So, not only were these precious babies discarded like trash, but they lost their mama, too. And sadly, we will never know exactly what happened to them or to her. Thankfully there is a silver lining for these kittens because the Atascosa Animal Control shared that the kittens appear to be in good health and are ready for adoption. They shared that, “These sweet babies are available for adoption. You can see them and all our pets on our Atascosa County Animal Control adoptable pets FB page. Call and place a hold on them if interested.”

Here’s to hoping that they will never have to suffer again for the rest of their nine lives and that the person who committed this heinous act will be brought to justice. Abandoning an animal is never a solution, no matter what.

This case is now being treated as a criminal investigation for animal cruelty by abandonment. If anyone has information concerning this crime, they’re being urged to call Atascosa County Animal Control at 830-769-2341.

Atascosa County Animal Control

All Images Courtesy of Atascosa Animal Control on Facebook

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