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Lunchbox The Cat Looking To Slim Down And Find Forever Home

by Cattitude Daily

I think many of us secretly love big cats. There’s something endearing about those fluffy bodies and bellies that makes us even more in love with them. But, as we know, a fat cat is not a healthy cat so we do our best to keep our kitties in shape for the sake of their well-being. For Lunchbox, a tuxedo cat in Oklahoma, he’s what you would call a chonky cat.

This adorably round feline has a purr as big as him, and he’s looking to slim down at the Oklahoma Humane Society before he finds his forever home.

He’s a cat that’s easy to fall in love with at first glance. Tuxedo cats are loved by many cat people across the globe, so something tells me that big boy Lunchbox won’t be without a home for long.

The Oklahoma Humane Society is helping Lunchbox to trim down before he’s ready for adoption, but he’s already causing quite a stir.


We’re glad that Lunchbox is in great hands to help him on the next phase of his journey—slimming down and finding a home!

If you’d like to learn more about the Oklahoma Humane Society and the awesome work that they do to help our four-legged friends in need, visit their website here. Hopefully the OKS will keep us posted on his progress and when Lunchbox is ready for adoption!

All Images Courtesy of Oklahoma Humane Society

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