Meet Lotus The Maine Coon: A Giant Ball Of Fluff And Sweetness

As the owner—or should I say “servant” to a Maine Coon mix cat—you could say I’m somewhat partial to the breed. But honestly, the majestic aura surrounding this beautiful breed of cat is a bit hard to resist for any cat lover. That big body matched with that epic fluff leaves you with a cat who is as gentle as they are sweet, and really just a giant teddy bear of a feline. For Lotus the Maine Coon, he is the epitome of a super-sized Maine Coon cat with plenty of love to go around. 

Tipping the scales at 22 lbs, this Norwegian-born kitty now lives in the middle of Sweden with his lucky humans, and as you can see, loves hamming up for the camera, too.

This big boy loves to go out and explore the countryside, but always with his humans close by keeping watch.

lotus the maine coon

His doting humans take him for frequent adventures outdoors, where he meets all kinds of other animals. And, as no surprise, he often makes other animals look tiny. Especially other felines!

lotus the maine coonAfter his owner started sharing his photos online, Lotus’ fan base grew quickly. As of this post, he’s up to 280k followers on Instagram, and steadily growing. Just like us, it seems that cat lovers all around the world simply love looking at this gorgeous kitty.

Although Lotus lives indoors, you can see this kitty was built for those harsh winters and simply loves frolicking around in the snow!

To give you an idea of how big this Maine Coon cat is compared to his human…

lotus the maine coon

More on the lovely Lotus, according to his website his human created for her now celebrity kitty…

I have a light small voice and I’m gentle in my way. Calm and kind, love my family. Like sleeping on the balcony or on the backrest on the couch. Likes to experience nature and animals. 

You can tell Lotus is always ready for his close up! This is a kitty who knows how to impress…

Look this adorable throwback of Lotus when he was just a kitten…although much larger than most kittens!

Lotus the kitten

A little throwback, four years ago to this past August 2019…

Want to keep up with this super-sized cat cutie pie? Follow him on Instagram @Lotus_the_Mainecoon. You can also check out his website,

All Images Courtesy of Lotus the Maine Coon on Instagram

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