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Sweet Rescue Cat Transforms Into A Brave Adventure Kitty

by Cattitude Daily

Each and every year, millions of cats around the globe end up in shelters. It’s never their fault, and they rely on kindhearted humans with a soft spot for cats in need to hopefully give them a chance at a real life. For Liebchen, you’d never know that he started out his life as a lonely shelter kitty. Today, he spends his time sightseeing and exploring with his human best friends. He’s traveled high and low across mountain ranges and sand dunes, gondolas, and paddle boards; there’s never an adventure too big or too small for this outgoing feline. I caught up with Liebchen’s cat parents to see if they’d allow me to share his story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers, and thankfully, they agreed. So, everyone, get to know this cool cat you’ll be sure to love.

Liebchen Liebchen

How did Liebchen come into your life?

Our friend sent us a picture of Liebchen that was posted on a local shelter’s Facebook page. We went right to go see him and fell in love instantly. We had been looking for a kitten for quite some time but never felt that “spark.” When we met Liebchen, it was instant. He came right up to us, Dan picked him up, and he started purring and snuggling into Dan’s chest. We knew he was the perfect match for our little family. We started adventuring with him almost instantly, and we just knew he was meant to be for us. He’s now our best little friend.

How did he get his name?

Liebchen means sweetheart in German. Erin’s mom had a cat named “Liebchen” when she was younger, and we loved the name so much we chose it for Liebs. He really lives up to this name. He loves to meet new people, snuggle anyone, and has the most chill and friendliest personality.

Liebchen Liebchen

Can you tell me about some of his most memorable outdoor adventures?

We have taken Liebchen skiing, hiking, biking, camping, boating, swimming, paddling, and much more. Our most memorable adventures with Liebchen have been skiing with him and taking him around Aspen, Colorado everywhere we go. He loves his face in the wind when he skis, and he loves to meet people at the lodges. It is hard to pick one memorable adventure- we have done so much with him.

Any exciting plans for travel in the near future?

We are planning a few international trips, and we hope to connect with many adventure cat friends in Europe. Maybe Liebchen will ski in the Alps! We also plan to take him to a beach soon- he has never been to a real beach and we think he would absolutely love it. We have taken him to many sand dunes and he loves the sand so much, we think he’ll love the combination of sand and the ocean.

Liebchen Liebchen

How do people respond when they see him out exploring with you? 

Most people ask “is that a cat? ON A LEASH?!” People are so curious, and then surprised when he comes up to them and allows them to pet him, pick him up, and interact with him. We meet many people who have never really hung out with a cat, and they fall in love with Liebchen. We also meet many dogs, and Liebchen loves dogs. It is fun for dog owners to see if their pet loves cats, and to watch them all interact.

We are always surprised with how many cat lovers there are in the world. Whenever we take Liebchen out, we meet endless cat people who are so excited to see a cat in the real world. We love connecting with others, hearing about their cats, showing pictures to one another, and telling stories about our beloved cats.

Liebchen Liebchen

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Liebchen?

 Liebchen was born with a heart murmur. While he is ok now, we always have this in our mind when adventuring with him. We always pay attention to his body language and make sure he’s comfortable. Liebchen is also overly friendly. If you meet him, the chances of him cuddling you are very high. He is so curious about new people, will rub against their legs, and will become their new best friend. Something we do believe in and emphasize is rescuing your companion animal. There are endless animals in shelters who make perfect best friends.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Liebchen’s owners for allowing me to share his story and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on this cool cat with a zest for adventure, be sure to check out Liebchen on Instagram.

Liebchen Liebchen

All Images Courtesy of liebchen.travels on Instagram

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