Kitty Goes From Trash Cat To Pampered Princess With Sass

Not all cats have an easy start at life. But thankfully, there are people who happen to find themselves at the right place at the right time to bring these poor babies to safety. For a kitten once named Jessika, she was living the lonely street cat life and just barely scraping by. And worst of all, a trash can was the place she called home. But thankfully for her, fate had much brighter days in store for her. And once she was rescued, all it took was one look from her now owner to fall head over heels in love with this fluffy kitty and her mesmerizing green eyes.

Everyone, meet Rhiannon the Cat, and let her cast her spell of witchery on you with those gorgeous and majestic eyes of hers!

Her Instagram bio reads that she’s a “former trash cat, full time bad gal, Stevie Nicks fan, and a great lover of bow ties & bagels.” Check out this little throwback of Rhiannon back when she first came into her new life. And as you can see from her adorable photos below, she’s come a long way from the trash cans of Columbia! I reached out to her owner with some questions I had, and she was kind enough to answer them for me and allowed me to share her images with you all. Enjoy!

How did you meet Rhiannon?

“I have always been a cat person and wanted one of my own. I saw Rhiannon on PetFinder, and knew I had to meet her! Her rescue was about two hours away, and when I got there, I knew I couldn’t leave without her! She was four months old at the time, and called ‘Jessika’ then.”

What’s her personality like?

“She is sassy, playful, loyal, and loving. And she cuddles up to me every night, and follows me everywhere! She loves to chase her toys, and be chased by me! She gallops around the house like a little ponyand acts like a puppy! And she also loves to give a little cattitude, and always seems to get what she wants!”

Does she have any cat housemates?

“She is an ‘only child’ and is very spoiled because of it! I think she would be jealous if she didn’t get my undivided attention!”

What’s something special you’d want people to know about her?

“Rhiannon is named after the Fleetwood Mac song, and it really suits her perfectly! She is leash trained and goes for walks around the yard with me, and she has quite a large wardrobe! She’s so easygoing, and doesn’t mind when I dress her up! She is truly one of a kind and the perfect cat for me. We were made for each other.” 

I’m so happy that fate had better things in store for this pretty kitty, because the street life is no life for a gorgeous girl like her. Can’t get enough of this cutie pie? Keep up with her on Instagram to fill your feed with her sassy cat antics and pretty face. And don’t forget to check out her coffee blend, The Cats Meow, with 20% of all proceeds donated directly to Pet Helpers.

All Images Courtesy of realbadgalrhirhi on Instagram

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