Introducing the Pet Object: A Litter Box That’s Both Functional & Modern

As cat owners, scooping our cat’s litter just comes with the territory. And while we don’t mind doing our daily cat owner duties, it would be nice if our cat’s litter box wasn’t an eyesore, as is the case with most litterboxes on the market today. But, *spoiler alert* that’s about to change!

The creators of Pet Object decided that meow is the time to blend style with practicality when it comes to cat litter boxes. This is why they’ve invented a litter box that’s equally functional and attractive. And with its eye-catching design, it can even serve as a conversation piece in your home.

​​The Pet Object Litter Box is shaped like a dodecahedron for a unique design that not only hides kitty litter and messes but makes cleanup simple. 

petcube petcube

It includes an integrated scoop, engineered to align with the interior box panels, that hangs flush on the outside of the litter box.  The scoop has perfectly spaced vents for easy clean-up, no matter what litter your cat uses. An included charcoal filter also helps mask unwanted odor that cat owners know all too well. 

Co-founder, Chris Noyes, is a lifelong animal lover with a strong interest in interior and architectural design. And he used his expert skills in designing consumer goods in the fashion space along with his interest in interior and architectural design to create this modern litter box that’s way cool and cat-approved. 

I caught up with the Pet Object team with a few questions I figured other cat owners would like to know about this interesting product, so keep reading to learn some exciting details.

petcube petcube

Who founded this product, and what is their history in the pet space? 

Chris Noyes and his two business partners co-founded the company Pet Object Inc. All three are from the consumer goods space, but this is our first venture in the pet-specific space.

What was the inspiration behind this product? 

The inspiration behind this product is timeless, modern mid-century design combined with Scandinavian minimalism. 

Has it been cat-approved? 

It is 100% cat-approved! We’ve wear-tested the product for two years with various cats and sizes. 

What type of litter is recommended for the Pet Object? 

Every cat is different, and it really depends on what they prefer. I’ve used ‘Perfect clumping litter’ lately, and our cat, Scotch, seems to love it!

The Pet Object team has a Kickstarter campaign that just launched, and you can find it here.


And if you’re curious about the price, the team shared with me that:

Launch day prices of the Pet Object Litter Box start at more than 30% off the future retail price. The opaque litter box has a launch day price of $109, and the translucent litter box starts at $119. 

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to the Pet Object team for taking the time to answer my questions and also for creating the purrfect litter box for both cats and people with great taste. I know I’m a big fan of this sleek and chic design.

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