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Introducing Pluto Square: A Cat Litter Box That’s Like No Other

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to cats, we know they’re particular about lots of things. And this is especially true when it comes to all things litter box. Our feline friends are finicky beings when it comes to cleanliness. But this is just one of their many charms so we oblige their wishes when it comes to keeping the litter box nice and tidy.

Thankfully for the cat owners of today’s world, we’ve come a long way from basic litter box needs. There are automatic litter boxes, a wide arrange of litter options, and now, a litter box that cleans instantly and sends your reports! That’s right, cat lovers. Pluto Square is making waves in the pet industry by changing the experience when it comes to being the caretaker of your beloved cat’s litter box. And how is that? Well, that’s because the Pluto Square “Self-Cleans Automatically Minutes After Your Cat Leaves with Splash & Dust Controls.”

How’s that for cutting edge?! Even as finicky as our feline friends are, no cat can complain about that.

I recently caught up with David Kim, head of overseas marketing for Pluto Square, and he shared with me some exciting details for this modern litter box that eliminates all the guesswork for cat owners.

Featured Highlights of the Pluto Square include….
  • Square shape
  • Open-type entrance
  • Whisper-quiet cleaning
  • Anti-splash stepper
  • Anti-dust canopy
  • Once a week litter change
  • PLUTO SABRE add-on

What inspired you to create the Pluto Square?

Pluto was founded by Hae Min Yang(CEO) who loves cats. One of his beloved feline companions died of kidney failure, which may have been caused by unsanitary litter. With his background in product design and marketing, he made it his passion to create an automatic cat litter box that was safe to use, always sanitary and reasonably priced. He also knew that litter boxes were considered an eyesore and wanted one that was beautifully designed. The first product launched by Pluto was Circle Zero with spherical shape with scoop rotating design. When it was launched, It raised more than $500,000 on Indiegogo and sold more than 5000 units world wide(US,CA,EU,JP,KR). However, we didn’t stop from there.

Taking feedbacks from the actual customers and trying provide even more affordable Automatic Litter boxes, we developed the SQUARE. The biggest and foremost idea behind SQUARE was that we tried to build the product from the cats’ point of view. We chose open-air and box-type design which is the very natural state cats feel comfy and safe. Also, which double safety functions quipped with weight and touch sensors ensure your cat’s safety. 

Were you surprised by just how well it was received on Kickstarter?

We were mildly surprised but, had more high expectations as our former model did very well on Indiegogo. 

Do you plan to make the Pluto Square available in stores?

Yes, after Indiegogo Indemand is over we will  be launching our own eComm site as well as talking with distributors to make it avail online and in brick-and-mortar stores. 

Is there anything important you’d like people to know about Pluto Square?

The price tag of not only SQUARE but also, other automatic litter boxes out in the market may seem like a huge investment. However, if you consider that clean bathroom prevents harm to your cat and saves your time hassle of everyday chores you might get to rethink that it’s worth it. Pluto aims to change all conventional litter boxes to automatic litter cubes.

Do you have any other cat products in the works?

Yes we do. We cannot disclose the details but, we are working on launching own brand litters and A.I cat toy equipped with app integrated cctv features. 

What is the best litter to use with the Pluto Square?

All ‘clumping type’ litters will just work fine. We recommend avoiding pellet litters that are too thick.

Is the Pluto Square a good choice for a multi-cat home?

Yes of course. Pluto SQUARE is exactly designed for multi-cat homes. It’s easy to clean and drawer type waste receptacle so easy to take out the collected wastes. I have attached a gif for reference. 

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to David for taking the time to chat with me and share all these wonderful details about the Pluto Square. I wish his team the very best of success with this product, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store next for dedicated cat lovers like you and me.

For more on the Pluto Square, check out their press release here.

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