Hilarious Vet Signs Honoring Our Feline Friends

To be a vet, you’ve gotta have a great sense of humor. Your life is spent working long hours on your feet, dealing with distressed patients who are often sick or injured, and the occasional truly crazy pet owners you must appease. And let’s not even get into all that fur and bodily functions all over the place! To have a little fun, some vets will create vet signs outside their establishments that not only bring smiles to those who pass by, but also show they’ve got a super funny side to them.

Check out this fun collection of vet signs that honor our favorite pets of all—cats!

Not a 100% cat-centric vet sign but still totally hilarious!


Do you have any funny cat-related vet signs to share with us? We’d love to see them! Leave us a comment and share.

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