Helpful Tips To Teach Your Kitty Manners

Some cats are just so polite, it’s almost as though someone taught them some manners. Other cats are definitely not polite, as evidenced by hissing at visitors or even biting and scratching their own humans. While it’s true that it may not be quite as easy to train cats as it is to train some dogs, it is possible. If your cat could use a bit of help in the etiquette department, check out this article for some tips on how to teach your kitty some manners.

how to teach your kitty manners

Start Them Young to Instill Good Kitty Manners

If at all possible, begin teaching your cat some manners when he or she is a kitten. It’s far easier to modify a cat’s behavior when it is younger. If you’ve adopted a younger cat, you have a wonderful opportunity to help set some boundaries about what is and isn’t appropriate during play time. Dr. Jeff Nichol, a veterinarian, suggests that you can socialize a kitten by walking away if he gets too aggressive as you two are spending time together. You can do the same if your cat bites during play, since you definitely don’t want him to think of you as his personal chew toy.

Prevent Temptation

You can also help teach your kitty good manners by preventing temptation and removing some opportunities for her to be rude in the first place. One classic example of rude feline behavior is their tendency to push things off of the counter. If your cat does this, you can try deterring her from hopping up onto the counter in the first place. If that’s not a good option for your living situation, you can also place breakables out of the way to make it harder for your cat to push them onto the floor.

Spend Quality Time Together

Sometimes, cats are just plain rude because they are in dire need of some attention from their humans. Making sure you play with your cat is a great way to spend some time together and ensure he gets the attention he needs. As an added bonus, you can help work off some of his energy this way so that he might be less inclined to go cause mischief.

Reward Good Behavior

If your kitty does something good, like playing nice without biting, reward her. You might choose to give her a treat occasionally if the play session went well and she didn’t scratch or bite you. You could also simply give your cat a few gentle pets and speak in a calm, soothing voice to let her know that she did well.

Cats are lovable, entertaining little beings with lots of personality. If your cat is being rude by pushing your coffee mug off the counter or biting aggressively during play time, you may want to help teach him a few manners. It’s best to start teaching your kitty manners early on in his life, but you can still help him avoid temptation later on by modifying a few things at home. Quality time is another important factor as is a reward or two when kitty shows good manners.

how to teach your kitty manners

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