Helpful Tips For Choosing Your Cat’s Name

Adopting a new cat to the family is exciting on many levels. If you choose to adopt a cat from a local animal shelter, he may already have been given a name. That doesn’t mean you can’t change the name if it doesn’t suit him (or you). While choosing a new name for your kitty is fun, it can also be challenging. Read on for some great tips for choosing your cat’s name.

tips for choosing your cat's name

Coat Colors

Start with something obvious when you’re picking out a name for your new cat. Is her fur black or dark grey in color? Consider calling her Smoky or Midnight. Get creative and do an online search for various names for the same charcoal color.

It might sound a little odd, but you can also pull some inspiration from your local paint store here. Groups of clever people have already thought of fun and even slightly odd names for the same color. Why not draw some inspiration from those paint chips if you’re stuck?

Consider Kitty’s Personality

As you observe your cat, take note of her personality quirks. Some cats are stoic and reserved while some are silly or hyper. Goofy might be an appropriate name for a cat who makes you laugh with his silly antics. On the other hand, Queen or King would be fun for a regal-looking cat.

Favorite Character Names

If fur color and personality aren’t helping inspire the perfect name, watch a movie. Most of us have a few favorite movies, so think about the characters within those films. Is there a funny character that you like? Christen your cat with his name, especially if your kitty makes you laugh like the character does. Books are great sources of inspiration as well.

Check Out Popular Pet Names

If you want your cat to be trendy, you could always pick out a name that’s currently popular. Another quick online search will help you figure out what the most common pet names are right now. Conversely, you could also use this idea to avoid popular names if you want something more unique for kitty. Wondering what the most popular names are for cats? Learn them here on

tips for choosing your cat's name

Say the Name Out Loud

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with name options for your cat. If you’ve got a list of possibilities, say them out loud. (You can do this by yourself if you prefer.) Speaking the names you’re considering could help eliminate a few possibilities.

If your cat will be outdoors and you have to call him to come in, consider how the name will sound. Overly complicated names, like His Royal Feline Majesty Brutus, are pretty difficult to get out in a rush. They might also cause your neighbors to think you’re a little weird, if you happen to care about that kind of thing.

Have Fun

Really, there are no right or wrong answers to choosing your cat’s name. Consider your cat himself and how a name might or might not suit him. Have fun with it and try out a few ideas with your cat. He might just respond to one of your possibilities!

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