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Former Street Kitty With Special Needs Gets Her Happy Ending

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to cats, there are countless out there without homes to call their own. And if you’re a cat with special needs, this only makes things harder. For one blue-eyed beauty named Dentuças out of Portugal, she didn’t have an easy start at life. But thankfully for her, word of mouth can do wonders for not just humans, but for felines in need, too. When a good friend caught wind of this sweet kitten’s plight, she acted quickly to help because she knew the perfect person to help save her. And, as they say, the rest is history!

I caught up with Dentuças’ human friend, Sofia, and thankfully she agreed to allow me to share her cat’s story. And if there’s anything that we could use more of right now, it’s stories with happy endings just like this.

How did Dentuças come into your life?

Our beloved friend Dentuças appeared after I decided I was ready to give a little of my home to a cat without one.
Dentuças was found alone in the streets at just a few weeks old. The girl that found her helped in the first days and posted a picture telling that was searching for a family to the baby cat. A friend of mine and one of the future godmothers of Dentuças saw the post and realized that I was the perfect fit.

How did she get her name?

Dentuças means teethy, and by the marks on my hands and arms, she makes justice to the name.

What’s her personality like?

Tuças is a really energetic cat, very curious and loves to discover new places. Sometimes she gets a little frustrated and anxious and can be explosive, from licking your arm to bite with great power. I can feel she has a wonderful heart and a wild spirit.

Does she have any dog or cat friends at home?

No, but I think maybe Dentuças needs a friend… We tried to introduce her to other cats, but she’s not very friendly to them, hissing them away. As Tuças was found alone and had very little social activity with other animals, maybe she didn’t learned the manners and how to behave in such encounters. She becomes very aggressive with us and the animals. Anything that moves at that moments is a possible threat.

What are her favorite hobbies?

With her transparent backpack, she loves to go to the park, feel the grass and chase insects. When she’s at home we play ball and she’s a great goalkeeper. When Dentuças was little, she seemed like a motor, as she purred so much. Nowadays, that moments are less usual, but she stills loves to dance, especially contemporary dance, and watch romantic comedies.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Dentuças?

Dentuças is a paraplegic cat with special needs. She used to love to jump, slept on the dining table and was always prepared to try to sneak out from the window. This became a problem and one day, she felt from the 2nd floor, broke her spine and got paraplegic and incontinent. She went to the vet and was subject to a difficult operation. After a few months of treatment, she could finally come back home to a totally different life. To cheer her up, I came with a song “You are amazing, you are so strong, you are the best cat in the world. Dentuças! Dentuças! Dentuças!” We try to make her life as comfortable and happy as possible.

I’d like to give a special “obrigada” to Sofia Correia for giving this sweet baby a chance at a real life as a spoiled house cat. It’s kind-hearted people like her that are making the world a better place for cats without homes. If you know someone who could use a smile that loves cats, then share this story with them to brighten their day. To keep up with Dentuças’ heart-warming journey, follow this little beauty on Instagram here.

All Images Courtesy of dentucas.cat on Instagram

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