Former Farm Cat Is Now A Spoiled Princess And Total Boss Kitty

There’s something to be said about cats and the theory that they have nine lives. And while a cat might have a rough start at life, sometimes fate has some pretty sweet things in store for them on the horizon. Such is the case for one tuxedo kitty out of the UK named Suzy—who is also known on the internet as Princess Boss. She’s sassy, expressive, and a total ham when it comes to posing for the camera. So, if you ask me, it seems that this clever girl knew that there were better days ahead for her where she’d be spoiled and pampered just as she deserves!

Everyone, meet Princess Boss—a totally precious tuxedo cat that’s here to steal your heart.

I caught up with Princess’ owner to see if I could feature her photogenic kitty cat on my website, and thankfully she agreed. So, keep reading to learn all about this precious feline who is always ready to have her photo taken…

1. How did Princess Boss come into your life?

Boss came into our life at the end of September 2019. My older sister @kathrynskows works on a dairy farm in North Wales UK. Boss was the only cat in her litter, and a few months after she was born she got terrible cat flu. My sister felt so sorry for her as she also has deformities in 2 of her legs, so she decided to bring her home to us!

2. What’s her personality like?

Boss has a very big personality! You would think she is a human she never stops talking and always talks back at us.

As you can see her, Princess has come a long way since she was first rescued from the farm. Like I always say, it’s amazing what love can do!

3. What are her favorite hobbies?

Boss loves to play! Her favourite game to play is chasing, she loves it when we chase her around the house and she finds hidey holes to jump out at you! As boss is a house cat, she likes to go out about 3 times a day on her harness, and she loves playing games outside.

Something tells me that warming up by the fire might be another one of her favorite hobbies, too!

4. Does Princess Boss have any cat or dog housemates?

Boss is the only animal in the house.

5. What’s something special you’d like people to know about Princess Boss?

Boss is a very shy and scared cat if she doesn’t know you, but when you get to know her she is a completely different cat! Always talking, playing and purring!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Suzy’s owner for allowing me to share her story and photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Know someone who would get a kick out of this super expressive and adorable kitty cat who found their happy ending? Share this article with them—and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, too!

All Images Courtesy of suzythekitty on Instagram

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