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Fluffy Rescue Kitty Named Frankie Comforts Those In Need

by Cattitude Daily

When it comes to cats that were once living the shelter life, their lives are instantly transformed when someone takes a chance on them. Cats are incredibly kind and forgiving souls, and sometimes all these sweet-hearted animals want is to be able to be loved and give love in return.

For a fluffy kitty named Frankie, he got his happy ending when his now cat mom was in search of a companion to help her heal after surgery. And, all it took was one look at him to let her heart know that she wasn’t leaving the shelter without him by her side.

Today, Frankie spends his days engaging with people, making everyone feel special, and being adored—just as he should! I caught up with Frankie’s cat mom hoping to feature this sweet kitty on the site, and thankfully for me, she agreed. So, everyone enjoy learning all about this loving little tabby boy named Frankie!

Frankie Frankie

How did Frankie come into your life?

I had recently retired and was recovering from eye surgery. My husband thought a dog might cheer me up (For the first time in our lives, we had no pets). While we found no dog at the shelter that seemed a good fit, there was a large tabby that begged for attention. The shelter said the 3-year-old shorthair was up for adoption. Little did we know that, according to the vet, he was not yet 9 months old and he soon floofed out!

How did Frankie get his name?

We are a very literary family, and Frankie was named for my daughter’s favorite book, Frankenstein. However, as he was much too loving to be a mad scientist, he became simply Frankie.

Frankie Frankie

What is his personality like?

Frankie loves being with people. He must begin and end his day with cuddles, and follows me around the house so he doesn’t have to be alone in a room. He has a feisty side though, and loves to wrestle, always being careful not to bite or extend his claws. He’s a gentle soul.

Does he have any other cat or dog housemates at home? 

While we do currently have two long-term strays we care for and house while homes are found for them, Frankie is our only fur baby.

Frankie Frankie

What are his favorite hobbies?

Long walks visiting neighbors is Frankie’s favorite pastime. He knows that when I get his harness, it’s time to go out!. He also enjoys food puzzles and is quite adept at them. 

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Frankie?

Frankie is an old soul who knows just when I need him. When I am sad or anxious, he climbs on me, wraps his paws around my neck, and buries his face in my neck. His purrs are amazingly healing. He is intuitive and will also go to others in the family when they are stressed. 

Frankie Frankie

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Frankie’s cat mom for allowing me to share his story and cute images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more of Frankie, be sure to check him out here on Instagram. 

All Images Courtesy of frankie_lyfrankie on Instagram

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