Five Signs You’re Totally A Cat Person

When you’re a cat person, you probably like other animals, too. I know for myself, I love all animals. But, since I run a site dedicated to the feline kind, it’s easy to say that cats are my favorite animal of all. When you’re a cat person, chances are there’s something that made you this way. And you’ve likely been this way for quite some time. Being a cat person is a good thing if you ask me. And cats are very good judges of character. If you’re a cat person, chances are you’re a total cat magnet, too. 

Here are five signs you’re totally a cat person…

signs you are a cat person

You think kinda like a cat

Okay, so not all cats are the same. But many cats will share similar traits. When you’re a cat person, chances are your brain might be a bit wired to think like a cat, too. You might not be naturally trusting of new people. And you might be a tad jumpy or neurotic at times. But, I bet you’re clever and quick to react to something that startles you. And puzzles and keeping your mind busy? That’s something you’re good at, too. Did you know that preferring cats is actually associated with high intelligence? Well, if you didn’t, I’m here to tell you that it is! Reason being? Well, cat folks like us are more likely to have our nose buried in a book than out at a party (you know those things we used to go to pre-pandemic).

You’d much rather stay home than socialize

Like mentioned above, a party at home with your feline friends is likely more your cup of tea. Not all cat people are homebodies, but the truth of the matter is that most of us our. I mean, after all, we enjoy being at home because our cats are there! There are adventure cats who go out and explore the world with their humans, so not every crazy cat person prefers to pass the time at home. I know for myself, I’d much rather pass the time in the comfort of my own home than be out socializing. I have everything I need right here to keep me happy, cats included.

You have a cat…or three

Okay, so, not all cat people have a cat. But, most of us who are crazy about cats have at least one…or three. Sometimes life does not allow for us to have a cat, and that’s understandable. But for most cat people, owning a cat is something that’s been a part of our lives since we can remember. But, like I mentioned above, cats might not be the only animals that we have in our lives. Cat people often love animals of all types and keep them as pets. But in the case of cats, it’s hard to have just one since they’re so purrfect. And that’s a good thing, because cats are proven to benefit our mental health. 

You have a naturally curious nature

If you’re a total cat person, you’re likely filled with curiosity just like your feline friend is. You like knowing what makes things tick, you are intrigued by things that catch your interest, and you love learning new things, too. You might not be a mini-micromanager like your cat is, but if something catches your interest, you can be a bit nosy or fixated on it. Problem-solving is likely your strong suit. And you’re skilled at thinking unconventionally. And because of this curious nature, you’re rather observant of your surroundings, too. When you’re a cat person (versus a dog person), you’re believed to be more “intellectually curious” some say.

Your house and wardrobe speaks meow

If you’re a cat person, this is a thoughtful decision that you’ve made and you’re not shy about wearing it like a badge of honor. Now, you might not be going to Walmart wearing a cat print muumuu dress, but you probably have at least a few shirts with cat motif on them. And then there’s the nick-nacks sprinkled all around your home. For cat people, our kitchens are usually where you will find the fun little feline trinkets we have. From oven mitts to refrigerator magnets, our cats have weaved their webs into our hearts and become a fixture in our everyday lives. There are also some of us who’ve made our love for cats permanent with forever ink. I know I can say for myself, when it comes Christmastime, the people in my life take the easy route and only gift me with cat-related gifts. And, I must say, I have zero complaints about it.

I rock a gingy kitty that looks like my childhood cat, Pookie

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