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Five Signs You Like Cats More Than People

by Cattitude Daily

As a diehard cat lover, there’s pretty much no one I’d rather spent with than my cat. And since I have three of them, there’s a lot of love to go around. Cats are proven to be great for our mental health. And they understand us without even having to speak the same language. I know for myself, I’d rather hang out with cats than people. And, with the current state of the world, it seems that spending time with my cats and social distancing from humans is better for us all and not just me. If you think you might be more of a cat person than a people person, here are five signs you like cats more than people!

signs you like cats more than people

No need to leave, the cats are here!

Going on vacation isn’t high on my list of things to do because it means I won’t get to see my cats everyday. Dogs seem to be a pet that can usually come along for the ride, but our feline friends are typically left in a trusted person’s care or boarded. And, as we know, most cats aren’t fans of change. If you’d rather be at home with your kitty cats, then that’s certainly a sign that you like cats more than people.

Your cats’ needs come before your own

I know many cat owners that would rather spoil their cats than spoil themselves. So, while those Amazon packages that show up on the porch can be fun to play in, for dedicated cat moms and dads, they usually show up filled with exciting toys and yummy treats for kitty, too! Spoiling your kitty is high on your list of priorities, and this can come in the form of time spent together, treats, toys, and so much more.

Your cats are official members of the family, no questions asked!

If I ever hear someone say “it’s just a cat” our conversation will be cut short very quickly. When we open our hearts and homes to cats, we know that this is a union which will bring happiness to both. Even if things don’t start out this way. Some cats need time to come out of their shell if they’re a rescue. And that’s okay, because we immediately consider them honorary family members and they’re here to stay once they enter our lives.

You make friends with cats easily, because you’re a cat magnet!

When I was a young girl, I learned that a new girl at my elementary school had an Abyssinian cat shortly after she switched to our school. I’ll never forget that cat, her name was Cinnamon. Luckily, her human was pretty cool, too. Immediately, I learned to befriend people with cats because that meant I’d get a chance to meet their cat! When I go places, I’ll be the first to spot out cats that I see. Cats just understand us and don’t judge us (even though we sometimes think they do!), and we simply cannot say the same about people. For those of us who understand and respect cats, we’d much rather befriend cats than humans. Plus, cats will never force you to discuss religion and politics!

Your cats are your rock, therapist, and designated BFF

When you love cats more than people, it’s often because cats have helped you through hard times when others haven’t. Cats are often a shoulder we can cry on, a helping hand when we need emotional support, and many times they’re our closest friends in life. When I was growing up, I remember my cat always being there for me and I’ll never forget it. Now, I am fortunate to have three special cats in my life that I can say that about! So, are you more of a cat person than a people person? Chances are, if you’re reading this, the answer is yes!

If you love cats more than people, there’s nothing wrong with it that my opinion. A dog might give you their love and loyalty upon meeting you, but a cat can make you work for it. But if you do earn their love and trust, then you’ve just earned yourself a friend for the rest of their nine lives.

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