Fat Cat Books Offers Good Reads And Adoptable Felines

If you are a lover of cats, chances are that you are also a lover of books. And don’t forget coffee, too. We cat people love nothing more that snuggling up with our kitties and a good book and a hot cup of coffee and passing the time while filling our minds with knowledge—not to mention the positive vibes from a purring kitty on our lap! For Michelle Hartsfield, President of Fat Cat Books, she knows just how much people love cats and books. So, she is branching off of Fat Cat Cafe, a nonprofit cat cafe that focuses on adoptable kitties, delicious coffee, and a groovy atmosphere, with her newest venture—Fat Cat Books!

Some of the totally adorable adoptable kittens at Fat Cat Cafe
One of the adoptable kitties hanging out at Fat Cat Cafe

In a similar vein of the cafe, Fat Cat Books is a place where you can shop for books while mingling with kitties—all of which are adoptable! If you find yourself in the Tallahassee, Florida, then mosey on down to Fat Cat Books where you come for the kitties, and stay for the good reads. And, if you’re lucky, you can leave with adoption paperwork ready to go for your new feline friend! The grand opening is set for this October 2nd, and I caught up with Michelle with some questions I had for her purrfect bookstore for cat lovers. Keep reading to learn what she had to say!

1. What inspired you to open Fat Cat Books?

“The bookstore is actually a second adoption center that we are running. Our first is Fat Cat Cafe , a cat cafe that opened in 2017. I read an article somewhere that a friend sent me that showed a used book store with adult kitties lounging around. It was a beautiful thing. Then, already being in the adoption ‘business’, I thought the ideas would pair up perfectly. When I presented it to the Board of Directors of our nonprofit, they loved it!”
An adoptable tuxie at Fat Cat Books

2. Will there be any resident cats there who aren’t adoptable?

“As of now all the kitties that will reside in the bookstore will be available for adoption.”

3. Where are you guys located, and when do you plan to open?

“We are in Railroad Square, an art park in Tallahassee, FL and plan to open October 2, 2020.”

4. What sort of books will you be featuring in your store?

“We have all types of used books, both fiction and nonfiction. With a special section dedicated to Florida, and Florida authors, and of course, cats. There will also be a boutique area with local artisan crafts and artwork, along with cat novelty items.”

5. Is there a rescue or shelter that you’re affiliated with who will be assisting you with the cat/kitten adoptions?

“The rescue that runs the bookstore (and cafe) is called Feline Advocates of Leon County and the bookstore, as of now, will house only their cats and will handle all the adoptions.”
Just look at that face!
Standing guard over the books until a forever home comes along!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Michelle for taking the time to answer my questions, and I wish her the best of luck with Fat Cat Books. Not only is it great to see new bookstores opening up, but it’s even better to know that it’s doing a good deed for the feline kind, too. Hats off to you, Michelle!

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All Images Courtesy of Fat Cat Cafe / Fat Cat Books



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