Meet Dyson, Kirby, And Shark: A Trio Of Barn Cat Siblings With Cattitude

While casually scrolling through Facebook in search of purrfect finds, I found a most pleasant surprise yesterday in the form of three strapping tuxedo cats. And best of all, their names were just as cool as them. Born in June of 2019, Dyson, Kirby, and Shark found their way to a kindhearted human who couldn’t resist giving all three of the cat siblings a loving home. These cats were chosen to be barn cats, but it seems that they’re posed to become social media darlings, too. I know I loved them at first sight!

Everyone, meet Dyson, Kirby, and Shark!

And while these are kitties who do more than cat nap, they’re loved and adored and have free reign of their home in Wisconsin when they’re not tending to their varmint catching duties. I reached out to the vacuum cat trio’s owner to see if she’d allow to share their story and photos, and thankfully she agreed. So, keep reading to learn all about this trio of barn cats with cattitude. 

1. Can you tell me how each of your three tuxedo cats came into your life?

I was on the search for barn kittens that were raised by their mom to be hunter/rodent control for around the barn. I wanted them to be the ages of 10-12 weeks so I would be getting good mouse hunters. And I wanted 2! My friend showed up with 3 and told me I could pick whatever two kittens I wanted. But there was no way I was leaving one behind so I took all three!

No photo description available.

2. How did you come up with their names?

Their names came to me because as barn hunters to “cleanup” thus their names after vacuum cleaners. Dyson, Kirby and Shark.

3. How do they get along with each other?

They all get along with each other great and in fact curl up with each other in the cat tree. It’s like a pile of kittens sleeping on top of each other. Lol

Handsome Dyson has whiskers for days!

4. What are their favorite hobbies?

Each have their own hobbies but they love hunting and showing me their prizes. They also love running and playing full speed in our three story house running from one floor to the top floor and back down causing quite the ruckus at times, but always so sweet.

5. Do they have any other pet friends in their home?

Their pet friends include our four dogs and at times they even sleep with them ,and also our strictly indoor cat named Pirate.

No description available.

Kirby and Dazzle

6. What’s something special you’d like people to know about them?

Dyson, Kirby and Shark are the perfect barn hunters to indoor house cats. They are perfect at the vet’s office to get shots and neutered. They don’t mind car rides. They are the most easy-going and best cats we’ve ever owned. They more than earn their keep going to the barn to keep the rodents under control and back in the house with excellent manners. The naughtiest thing they do in the house is jump in the kitchen counter at times, or Dyson—the most mischievous with the longest whiskers climbs—on the window blinds at times. Otherwise, they are perfect little kittens.

I’d like to give a special thank you to these cool cats’ owner, Karen, for allowing me to share their story and pics with all of the readers. If you know someone who would enjoy this trio of rat crusaders, don’t forget to share!


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