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  1. Key Highlights of the KONG Kitty Cat Toy
  2. Kitty Cat Toys

    by KONG 

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    Who Needs the KONG Kitty Cat Toy and Why
  3. Dental Health of Kittens
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  5. Crown Your Kitten King with KONG

Key Highlights of the KONG Kitty Cat Toy

  • This is a great chew toy for teething kittens.

  • Use this chew toy as a puzzle toy with treats or kibble.

  • It bounces and rolls easily to promote play.

  • Made from non-toxic rubber.

Like human babies, kittens teethe as their new teeth come in to replace their baby ones. The KONG Kitty Cat Toy is great for this purpose.

KONG also functions as a puzzle toy. Fill it with treats and watch your kitty roll and bat it, trying to retrieve the hidden treats. This interactive cat toy gives your cat something constructive to do.

Read this review to learn why KONG is king of cat chew toys.

Kitty Cat Toys

by KONG 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Who Needs the KONG Kitty Cat Toy and Why

Teething is normal as kittens grow. To help them in this process, give them a safe and effective tool like the KONG Kitty Cat Toy.

KONG makes various products for cats and dogs. Their KONG Extreme is popular among canines. The KONG Kitty has a similar function but is made specifically for puppies’ feline counterparts.

When cats enter their senior years, they commonly develop conditions like osteoarthritis and dental issues like periodontitis and stomatitis. These painful conditions make it difficult for elderly cats to chew their food or toys. The KONG Kitty Cat Toy is a gentle chew toy option for elderly cats. Fill it with soft treats, paste, or catnip for a safe puzzle treat toy.

This food-filled toy lets your cat practice their hunting skills. Put it under a blanket and let them search for it and figure out how to get the food. This lightweight, durable toy allows your cat to carry, bat, pounce, and roll it around. Put treats or their regular dry kibble in it. Don’t pack it so tightly that your cat can’t get the food out, or they may become frustrated and aggressive.

If you’re a pet parent working outside the home, you must leave your cat alone for extended periods. When left alone, cats get bored and try to find things to do. Those “things” are sometimes destructive to your furniture or other objects.

Your cat needs toys that are appropriate for independent play. Even though KONG is small enough for kittens, it is too large to swallow. Put a few treats or kibble inside before leaving for the day.

This especially benefits cats with separation anxiety. The period right after you leave is the most noticeable to them. Leave the food-filled KONG to distract them and make the separation easier.

It also has a reasonable price, so if you’re unsure whether it’s right for your cat, try it out. You don’t have to make a large investment to test it.

Laura “beanweaver” posted a TikTok video on January 9, 2023, demonstrating the KONG Kitty Cat Toy with her cat. The smell of the treats entices the cat to check it out.

The KONG Kitty Cat Toy is entertaining and includes health benefits.

Dental Health of Kittens

Dental health has a direct correlation to overall physical health. Proper dental care is important at all stages of your cat’s life.

Tartar and plaque buildup on teeth leads to bacteria growth. When a cat’s gums become inflamed (gingivitis), bacteria can enter the blood and cause infections or damage organs in your cat’s body. Giving your cat chew toys removes tartar from teeth and gums, preventing worsening conditions. Brushing your cat’s teeth is a great preventive measure.

Kittens need toys that are gentle on their teeth and gums. They experience discomfort when teething, and soft chew toys help them in this process.

The Monroe Veterinary Clinic in Michigan tells pet parents what they can expect when their kittens develop teeth.

“Kittens usually start losing their baby teeth at roughly 12 weeks (3 months) old,” the clinic says. “By the time your cat is 6 months old, they should have a full set of 30 adult teeth. Remember, each kitten is different; some may take up to 9 months to get a full set of adult teeth. Don’t worry too much if your cat still has some baby teeth at 6 months of age.”

They say signs of teething include drooling, biting toys or playmates more often, bleeding gums, eating less, more vocalization, and pawing at their mouth. They recommend soft food during this stage to make it easier on their gums.

Giving them soft toys is another recommendation. The KONG Kitty Cat Toy is gentle enough to avoid causing discomfort but strong enough to withstand a kitten’s bites.

Hide soft treats or paste in the hollow center so your kitten licks it out. This helps their teething and keeps them from gnawing on other things — like your furniture and fingers.

Speaking of fingers, the hole in one end of the KONG toy is a perfect size to fit your finger. Put the toy on the end of your finger when you check your cat’s teeth without getting bitten. Use the toy to gently lift the side of your cat’s mouth to check their gums regularly.

If you see excessive bleeding or white gums, take them to the vet. These may indicate more serious issues. While some bleeding during teething is normal, excessive bleeding may indicate infection. Pale or white gums can indicate anemia.

Regular vet visits are imperative, but learn to check for health issues at home. Ask your vet for advice on what to look for in your kitten’s health.

Pros and Cons

KONG’s soft rubber is ideal for teething kittens. If your cat is an aggressive chewer, they chew through the material or break off pieces, so it’s best not to let adult cats use this toy.

The Kitty Cat Toy’s shape and bounciness allow your cat to bat and roll it around easily. The oblong toy rolls unpredictably, which keeps your cat on their toes. It doesn’t roll far due to its shape, so your cat doesn’t have to chase it.

Many customers say their cats love this toy, but some mention the rubber smell. You may want to wash it and let it sit out after unpacking it. Put catnip inside and rub it on the outside as an added incentive. This may cover any new or odd smell.

Because of its size, it’s easy for cats to bat around, but it also goes under furniture. To avoid being pulled into an involuntary game of hide-and-seek, put the toy in a play area free of furniture or inside a large box or laundry basket.

Every cat has different preferences for playing with toys. Not every cat responds positively to every toy. They may become bored with the toy after a while, so it’s important to rotate toys so they remain fresh and inviting. Alternate it with other plush toys or electronic toys.

Kitty Cat Toys

by KONG 

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Crown Your Kitten King with KONG

You love your kitten and want the best for them, from their food to their toys. This review provides the necessary information for you to determine if KONG is the best toy for your kitten.

Whether you have a single kitten or multiple cats, they love the challenge and entertainment this toy provides — and you enjoy watching them scramble around.

Try out the KONG Kitten Cat Toy and give your kitty a royal treat.

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