Do Cats Like Being Hugged?

Cats are so adorable that we just want to cuddle them all day long. Or, at least, I certainly do. In fact, I used to give my cat hugs all the time when he was a baby. I’m not entirely sure he liked it though. Eventually, I cut way back on hugging my feline friend. But do cats like being hugged? It’s a great question, and we’ll dive into it with this article.

do cats like hugs

Hugs Can Be Good

Some cats absolutely adore being hugged by their humans. It depends on the cat’s personality, but it also depends a bit on the breed of your cat. PetMD notes that Burmese and Ragdoll are a couple of the cat breeds that tend to enjoy being near their humans a bit more. Generally speaking, these types of cats may be more likely to enjoy being hugged.

When Don’t Cats Like Being Hugged?

Okay, sometimes cats can make it pretty obvious that they do not want your affection. Some cats will make it clear they do not want to be hugged, period. They might show you this by hissing at you or even biting you, if you don’t back off. On the other hand, some cats may give you more subtle signals. If you hug your cat and he seems to stiffen, that could be a sign he doesn’t love it. Pay attention to his body language the next time you hug your cat; this will tell you quite a bit about whether she likes being hugged or not.

do cats like hugs

How to Tell if Your Cats Likes Hugs

Cats might not make it quite as obvious when they do enjoy being hugged. Sometimes, cats may purr when you gently embrace them. However, sometimes your cat might just sit there calmly. It can be hard to differentiate between a cat that’s tolerating your hugs and one that likes being hugged. This is where it helps to observe your kitty’s body language over time. Eventually, you’ll be able to more readily tell whether or not she likes to be embraced.

Is There a Good Way to Hug a Cat?

If you and your feline are still getting to know each other, it would be helpful to learn more about hugging her. First of all, don’t ever sneak up behind your cat. They do not appreciate that! Instead, slowly approach kitty where she can see you. Make sure you’re calm as you approach her so you don’t frighten her. You might also want to speak to her in a lower voice with soothing words. A little praise might help you here. If she comes to you, that’s the perfect chance to lightly put your arms around her. Don’t squeeze as you hug her, because your cat is pretty small compared to a human.

do cats like hugs

If your cat stays put as you hold her this way for a couple of seconds, that’s wonderful. She may be tolerating your hug because she likes you. She may love being hugged if she starts purring during your embrace. If she pulls away, let her go. It’s never a good idea to make a cat snuggle with you.

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