Cat Springs Into Action To Prevent Baby From Falling Down Stairway

We know that the incredible efforts of our feline friends often go underrated. Cats are excellent hunters, they provide us with endless emotional support, and there are also times when our kitties will prove their undying loyalty to us by saving the day. We’ve shared stories about cats saving humans from building fires, poisonous snakes, and now for one fortunate little one this past week, a cat has sprung into action to prevent what could have been an extremely tragic accident.

We are grateful for this hero cat named Gatubela who took it upon herself to prevent what could have been a tragedy for her innocent and curious little human companion. The one-year-old baby named Samuel is just crawling around as little ones too, navigating the world around him much unaware of potential threats as he explores.

The original post in Spanish was shared in the Fundación Gatos Bogotanos en Adopción ( GABA ) Facebook group, with a caption that reads: “I present to you the hero of the week 😍 catwoman you are a blessing 😻.”

As a mother, I know that all it takes is just a moment for something to go unplanned and tragedy strike. We do not see another family member in the background of this footage, but we sincerely hope that there was one nearby.

The steep stairs and the hero kitty, Gatubela

Isn’t it amazing how this cat immediately stepped in to save that little baby from crawling straight off the stairs? Way to go, Gatubela, you are a lifesaver—literally! Have you ever seen a cat perform an amazing rescue act before? Share with us in the comments section!


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