Cat In Active Labor Abandoned In A Box Gets Saved By Kindhearted Woman

When you are out and about and enjoying the fresh air, you really never know what could happen. You could just be going about your business when suddenly, out of nowhere, you stop dead in your tracks. For one woman in Claremont, New Hampshire, she knows this firsthand given her recent rescue mission for an abandoned cat and her kittens she helped to save. We will never know the real reasons why people choose to abandon animals, aside from pure heartlessness. For one pregnant cat, she was abandoned in a box on the side of the road this past Wednesday. The woman who discovered her was simply going for her daily walk when she happened to encounter the heartbreaking situation. Quickly, she sprung into action. She knew that this mama and her babies needed help if they had any chance of surviving.

The Good Samaritan rushed them to her local animal shelter, the Sullivan County Humane Society. From there, the shelter immediately brought them to the Springfield Animal Hospital to get them the urgent care that they needed. The mama was found to be severely dehydrated, with a high fever and anemia, and an emergency cesarean section was performed to help her deliver the remainder of her babies. And worst of all, two of the newborn kittens lost their lives before they even had a chance to be rescued.

Sullivan County Humane Society of NH shared a Facebook post alerting their followers of this senseless act of animal abuse, and while they are deeply understanding of how hard life is for many right now, they want all to know that situations such as these should never occur for any reason for the sake of animal kind:

“We have named the cat Sugar. She was rushed to our vet, Springfield Animal Hospital. When she was found, she had had 5 kittens, 2 of which had passed away before she was found. At our vet, she was found to be severely dehydrated, had a very high body temperature and anemic, probably from all the fleas. Once stable enough, she had to have an emergency c-section during which 3 more babies were removed. Sadly, 2 of those did not survive. The vet estimates her to be 1-year-old. She was pregnant with 8 babies. 4 babies survived, 4 did not make it.

The remaining 4 kittens have now been moved to a foster home to be bottle fed. Sugar, sadly, is not doing well. She has been transferred to SAVES where she will need a very costly blood transfusion and need constant monitoring as her body temperature is still way too high. Please keep mom and her 4 remaining kittens in your thoughts. Although it is not all about the money, if anyone would like to help contribute to her care, we would greatly appreciate any donations as her vet bill is already in the thousands.”

PREVIOUS UDPATE: “Today we received a call from a woman who was on her daily walk. She came upon this box on the side of the road. To her surprise she found a momma cat in active labor with 2 deceased kittens and 3 who are alive. However, mom is in critical condition and all have been rushed to the vet. Thank goodness for this kind woman. Please do not abandon animals. More so, please do not abandon a mom with her kittens who clearly are in need of emergency care. We know that that Covid has taken a toll on us all, but there are resources here in our hometown. If you need help please reach out. We are here to help in any way we can and if we cannot we will do our best to point you to the right resources. Please keep this mom and her babies in your thoughts. We will update as soon as we hear from our vet.”

Thanks to lots of care, love, and generous donations towards Sugar and her babies’ care, the family is getting better day by day. At first motherhood was very difficult on poor Sugar which is understandable given the trauma that she endured, but she and three of her kittens are now doing much better. The three surviving kittens are being supplemented with fluids and kitten milk while Sugar’s milk continues to come in and she nurses her offspring. Out of the eight Sugar was expecting, only three little fighters have survived.

If you’d like to make a donation on Sugar and her babies behalf, you can do so here: PayPal to, or mailed to PO Box 111 in Claremont (03743), or you can even call in to Springfield Animal Hospital at 802-885-2505 to make a donation over the phone should you wish.

Want to learn more about the Sullivan County Humane Society of New Hampshire and all the hard work that they do for our animal friends in need? Please visit their website here.

All Images Courtesy of Sullivan County Humane Society of NH on Facebook
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