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These Cat Hats Are The Cutest Solution To Feline Shedding

by Amber

No cat lover’s wardrobe is complete without a healthy coating of cat hair. In fact, the couch, floor, even the kitchen counter wouldn’t look the same without that constant layer of fur floating around. It’s an unavoidable part of sharing your home with feline family members. Shed happens, and apart from following your cats around with a vacuum, there’s not much you can do about it. Unless, of course, you’re willing to get creative.

A photographer from Japan, Ryo Yamazaki, has come up with what is possibly the cutest–and also weirdest– solution to all that cat hair. With three Scottish Fold cats running his house, he was dealing with more than his fair share of shed. Then he had the kind of idea only a cat dad would get–cat hats made from cat shed.

That’s right, these expertly crafted and totally adorable little hats are made entirely out of his cats’ fur. He collects the clumps as he grooms his trio of cats and then forms the fur into hats. He’s come up with some seriously cute and clever designs. He has bunny ears, viking helmets, and even a presidential coiffure. The amount of detail he uses is incredible.

The hats themselves are fascinating to look at, and they’re made even better by Yamazaki’s stoic models. He puts his hats on his three cats, Nya, Maru, and Mugi, and then has the best photo shoots. The images are a cat-crazy combination of bizarre elegance and, of course, fashion.

We could look at these pictures all day!

Someone get this cat a latte.

Inter-species fashion at its finest.

This cat looks familiar…

Look at that detail!

The cutest alien we ever did see.

Why so serious?

A cat hat fit for a king.

Such a cute little lion!

Check out the rest of these cute cat hat pics by following Nya, Maru, and Mugi on Instagram.

What do you think? Have you found your next cat crafting project?

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All Images Courtesy of Rojiman on Instagram

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