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Cat Family Saved After Being Found Living In A Bird’s Nest

by Cattitude Daily

We read news stories all the times of cats living in strange situations—and this is certainly one of those stories. Cats can wind up in some sticky situations, and this is especially true for good mama cats that don’t have a home. As we know in life, home is where you make it. And for a protective and clever mama cat named Oriole, she decided the best place to keep her kittens from harm’s way was in a bird’s nest.

The Chiltern branch of Cats Protection shared this heartwarming rescue on their Facebook page, which immediately grabbed the attention of many—myself included! The good people at Cats Protection in the UK work overtime so that homeless cats can have a better life. So, when they learned of this cat family’s plight, they swooped in swiftly to bring them all to safety.

May be an image of outdoors

May be an image of outdoors

Their Facebook post from May 9th reads that:

Here’s an inspiring story from our dedicated Welfare Team. A resident let us know that she had found a dead kitten in her garden. After days of searching, the team found the mum cat, but couldn’t find her kittens. They spent days searching gardens, speaking to residents, setting cameras and leafleting the whole area to no avail. But one day, they spotted her climbing a tree on an industrial estate, where they found she had her 3 kittens in a nest!


The team were able to bring in mum (Oriole), the kittens (Bran, Jay and Lori) and Willett, a male who is bonded to Oriole. Willet spent a few days at the vets as he was limping badly, but fortunately it was just an abscess, which quickly healed. He is a good ‘dad’ to the kittens, washing and playing with them – although he does get a bit annoyed when they mistake him for mum at feeding time!

Please note that the kittens are very young and we are not taking any adoption enquiries for them yet.
May be an image of cat
May be an image of cat

I just recently caught up with this cat family’s foster, Sue, to see how this precious cat family was doing. She shared with me that:

Kittens Jay, Bran & Lori are growing quickly and are full of energy. They love chasing and wrestling with one another,  playing with their toys – and then falling asleep. It won’t be long before they’re ready for homing. Willet continues to be a good ‘dad’ to them – putting up with being jumped on and having his tail played with.

Willet & Jay

Now the kittens are weaned, mum Oriole has been spayed. She has also had skin samples taken. Initially it was thought that her hair loss was due to overgrooming but the skin condition has worsened and we are waiting for a diagnosis. Once the condition has been treated, Oriole and Willet will be homed together.

The kittens all healthy, happy, and as cute as can be!

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to the good people at the Chiltern branch of Cats Protection for giving this cat family a second chance. If you know someone who could use a purrfectly uplifting story, share this article with them to brighten their day. And, here’s to hoping that this cat family finds a forever human family to spend the rest of their days with fast!

Cat Mum, Oriole

All Images Courtesy of Chiltern Cats Protection

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