Friendly Stray Cat Shows Up At Crash Scene And Finds A Forever Home

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Cats are amazing for many reasons. But their ability to land a forever home in even the most unpredictable circumstances can’t be ignored. One ginger tabby cat in Castle Rock, Colorado, recently proved just how true this can be when she wandered onto a crash scene off an Interstate.

On March 7th, three people were injured in a car crash in the southbound lanes of Interstate 25 near Castle Pines Parkway. When responders showed up on the scene to clear the vehicles, conduct a heavy cleanup, and tend to those injured, they were quite surprised to be graced by the presence of an adorable and quite friendly cat.

The cleanup took several hours given the diesel fuel from the semi-truck that was spilled onto the roadway, but the cat who joined didn’t seem to mind and relished in all the attention she received. Even though there was an ambulance, firetruck, and a hazmat cleanup crew, the cat didn’t seem to mind moseying around and feeling right at home with her new human friends.

Within a short amount of time, the rare female ginger tabby became curious about the responders as well as their vehicles, even posting up in the front seat for a very photo-worthy opportunity. While all those around her admired her undeniable cuteness, eventually the kitty was put into a crate and taken to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock, Colorado.

While this was a heck of a day for a showstealing kitty cat, her day of fun had an even better ending when one of the firefighters at the scene decided the cat now appropriately named “Hazi” needed a forever home with his family. 

The South Metro Fire Rescue shared on X that, 

This is pawsitively awesome. Remember the cat that wandered onto the I-25 crash and hazmat scene? SMFR took him to Denver Dumb Friends League who kept him safe, and today he was adopted by one of the Firefighters he met that day! Join us in welcoming “Hazi” to his new home!”

Check out Hazi’s story below…

I’m so glad this precious feline found her forever ending and captured the hearts of many along the way in the most unexpected way. Here’s to wishing Hazi and her new firefighter cat dad a happy rest of their nine lives together.

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