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Canned Cat Food Recalled For Potentially Deadly Side Effects

by Cattitude Daily

A few days ago, the J.M. Smucker company voluntarily recalled a lot of food for concerns which are having cat owners deeply concerned. It was discovered that a specific lot of the Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Chicken & Liver Paté was found to contain elevated levels of choline chloride.

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It’s not uncommon to see this chemical agent in commercial pet food, however, the levels found in one specific lot can have deadly consequences if consumed. J.M. Smucker has received several complaints from cat owners whose cats were experiencing strange and concerning side effects after consuming the food. 

These side effects reported by the FDA included:

  • Excessive salivation
  • Constricted pupils and distorted vision
  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Difficulty walking
  • Difficulty breathing and even possible cardiac or respiratory failure

Here is the exact product below. The details for the contaminated lot are clearly listed below for you as well. The FDA advises anyone who has this cat food in their possession to immediately stop feeding it to their cats and dispose of it.



The specific lot that’s in this recall is as follows:

  • Retail UPC Code: 2363353227

  • Lot Code: 9217803

  • Best If Used By Date: 08 04 2021

This product is commonly found for sale in pet speciality stores across Canada and the US, along with various e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon and Chewy. In the statement, J.M. Smucker made it clear that no other variations of their Natural Balance pet food were found to be contaminated. 

Please share this important recall information with other cat owners that you know. It can truly help to save a life. 

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