This Litter Box Is Here To Relieve Your Stress And Keep Your Cat Happy

I know I can say for myself that I have a mild obsession with cleanliness. I'm a cat person, so perhaps that's why keeping things nice and tidy is so important to me! And if there's one thing in our homes that both we and are cats want kept clean, it's the litter box. Cats and litter boxes simply go hand-in-hand, and there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Oftentimes, you're putting your cat's best interest in mind when choosing. You'll want to give them a lid for some privacy, and easy access to enter and exit, too.

But what about what's best for you—and your cat when it comes to your litter box needs?

For myself, I already spend a lot of time cleaning up after my three kids. And the litter box is that extra chore I often dread when making my morning cleaning rounds. That is, until I finally decided to invest in an automatic litter box. Tiger Lily has certainly approved, and she has no problems getting in and out with ease. No more litter being spilled out onto the floor, no more overpowering smell that makes your home stink, and best of all, you're not stuck cleaning it 24/7 to meet your cat's standards of cleanliness. And this is especially useful if you have a cat who has bad litter box manners…because clean-ups can be downright dreadful! When ordering one for myself, I was excited to have less stress when it comes to all things litter box. I don't mind cleaning it daily, because I know that cats prefer it that way! Also, since my new kitten has clearly stolen my heart, I wanted to invest in a nice litter box for her that she could appreciate. And I can certainly see that she does.

ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

by PetSafe 

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Set up is simple, and you can even set the automatic litter box cleaning settings to your choosing.

When the rake moves across the litter during cleaning mode, it's quiet and doesn't disturb you if you're sleeping or working. And it's pretty nice when you go in there to check and all you have to do is open the waste trap and scoop the contents out to empty it. There are different options available when it comes to entry, but I've found that the top entry is great for keeping litter in and keeping my nosy Chihuahua out! The premium cat crystals that come with the Automatic Litter Box do wonders for locking in odors and won't leave your cat's litter area dusty. The litterbox can be used for multicat households, but if you have just one cat in your home, it's suggest that each tray can be used up to 30 days time. And don't worry about knowing how much litter to use with your removable tray, a month's supply comes shipped straight to you with purchase. I'm huge on smells in addition to cleanliness, and I can tell you firsthand the Automatic Litter Box has done wonders when it comes to reducing my stress. I just clean and go, no mess, no fuss. You know, that way I can spend more time writing cat articles—hehe!

Basically, you let the automatic litter box do the work while you and your cat reap the rewards!

And you won't have to worry, the adjustment period is easy to get your kitty used to their new and improved litter box. Simply follow the easy steps listed below…

If you or someone you know is in the market for a new litter box, I'm telling you personally that this bad boy is worth the investment. Your cat will thank you, I promise!

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