A Cute Collection Of Cat Sploots

When cats sploot, it’s quite possibly one of the cutest things that they do. Along with the bread loaf position, cat sploots make many of us cat lovers swoon.

Two of own my cats do this cute frog sitting style…and I’m sure that many of you have cats that do this is well! Not sure exactly what a sploot is? Well, it’s a way they position their bodies so that they look almost like they’re frogs. Cats can do this position with their legs out to the side or straight back behind them. Or even just one leg if they’re really showing off and captivating our attention. But regardless of how a cat chooses to sploot, it’s just really friggin’ cute!

My little ginger Tom LOVES to sploot

why cats sploot

There are often dogs that like to do this cute little behavior as well. The Corgi is by far the most notorious splooter of the canine world. Both dogs and cats alike will do this for a few reasons. Keep reading and I will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about this adorable cat behavior!

And Pepper is always so dapper when he sploots…

Superman cat sploot!why cats sploot

Just hanging out!

Hey, where are your arms, pretty kitty?

The variations of the cat sploot:

  • The Full Sploot: The most popular sploot is when both hind legs are splayed behind the cat
  • The Side Sploot: This is when one hind leg sticks out to the side while the other leg is tucked in
  • The Half Sploot: When one back leg sticks straight out and the other is tucked underneath their belly

why cats sploot

I cannot even with that little curled tail!

And just look at this little face!

Literally Just 15 Cat Sploots to Brighten Your Day – Meowingtons

So sassy!

Provocative sploot

Some cats love to sploot because it’s like a feline yoga pose that relaxes them and gives them a nice stretch. And with all those cat naps, they need to stretch often to get their muscles moving. A cat will sploot because they are terrific at contorting and bending their bodies in such a way that would be downright painful for us. Kittens and younger cats are more likely to sploot due to their loose joints, but really any cat can perform this adorable frog sit.

My little Pepper started splooting often when he was just a wee kitten…

This British Shorthair named Oliver has mastered his cat sploot.

This Reddit user shared their cute splooter, saying, “Exhausted after a round of chasing the red dot”

This black cat sploots like a total boss.

Ultimate coziness right here!

MostlyCatsMostly - New comforter gets the sploot of approval.

Just look at this aerial view of a sploot monster…

What a pretty kitty!

cute cat sploots

This white cat is ready for their closeup…

Okay, this is making me squeal!

Such a sweet little face…

Pepper, AKA Sploot King—detecting high levels of cattitude!


Your cat splooting is not a cause for concern, and they are not “broken” and you shouldn’t worry. Simply admire them and all their glory, and of course, snap lots of photos to share with us cat lovers of the world.

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