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30 Cats And Kittens Rescued From RV In 100 Degree Heat

by Cattitude Daily

I think you don’t have to experience the heat of the Arizona sun to know just how hot it gets there. As a former Arizona resident, I can tell you myself that the heat is no joke. The blazing sun means that time spent inside must be in a well-air-conditioned environment not only for comfort, but also for one’s safety. And the same is true for our four-legged friends, too.

Pima Animal Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, received multiple reports of an RV located near South Nogales Highway and East Pima Road that needed to be searched. Once they arrived on the scene, the overpowering smell of feces and the sight of over two dozen cats was enough to break any animal lover’s heart. Quickly, they went to work rescuing these poor cats and kittens in distress. And worst of all, one was unable to be saved and had already lost its life before they arrived.

The Pima Animal Care Center shared a Facebook post yesterday alerting the public on their recent intake of these poor kitties. And they urged others to know that situations like this don’t have to happen.

There is always a better alternative than letting defenseless animals suffer. 

“PACC received multiple reports about the RV from concerned citizens. The conditions inside were poor with feces all over the floor and a strong smell of urine. Animal Protection Officers reported that there was also trash piled up around the RV, with some open trash bags on the ground. The temperature inside was 101 degrees.”

Kristen Hassen, the Director of Animal Services, released a statement saying, 

“We are going to be working to save these cats’ lives over the next couple of days. They are in serious condition and they’re heading straight into our emergency medical clinic for treatment. We want people to know that we are here to help and that it doesn’t have to get this bad.”

While these cats and kittens are being nursed back to health before they can become available for adoption, the shelter encourages the public to consider opening their hearts and homes to the many homeless felines and canines waiting for their forever homes. In their Facebook post, they also stated that:

“These pets will not immediately be available to foster or adopt because they are still being evaluated. However, currently there are 225 pets in the shelter that do need homes, along with 575 more in foster care that also need forever homes. Potential adopters can look through the lists at pima.gov/adopt, fill out the adoption survey, and pick out an appointment time.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Pima Animal Care Center and the hard work they do to help animals in need, you can visit their website here.

I’m grateful that now these cats will have a chance at a real life. And it’s all possible thanks to the kindhearted folks at Pima Animal Care Center. Thank you for always going above and beyond to help animals in need.

All Images Courtesy of Pima Animal Care Center on Facebook

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