25lb Plus-Sized Princess Ginger Tabby In Search Of Forever Home

Many times when cats are surrendered to an animal shelter, they are not in tiptop shape. They are often admitted with a slew of health concerns and/or are not at a healthy weight.

One thing is certain though: no cat ever asks to be surrendered. All any cat wants is a human to love them and a home to call their own, forever.

Obesity in felines in certainly on the rise, but for Emma the female ginger tabby, she’s a plus-sized princess in search of a forever home that can help her slim down to a healthy weight.

In addition to being totally adorable, female ginger tabbies are considered to be somewhat rare as well. (The ration for orange tabby cats are about 80/20 male to female.) The Chesterfield County Animal Services shared an update earlier this morning asking for a home for this pretty gal. She’s available for immediate adoption and thought to be approximately nine years of age.

The Facebook post reads:

This is Emma! She came into the shelter due to no fault of her own and wants nothing more than a family to call her own. She is very laid-back. She spends her time lounging around and snacking on cat treats. Emma is not a huge fan of being held, but part of that is probably due to her size and being afraid of being dropped. She is a hefty girl weighing in at 25 pounds. She is super sweet and loves to be pet all over. She becomes a purring machine when shown affection. Emma came in with another kitty so she should do alright if you have other kitties at home. She is a 9 year old Orange Tabby and she can go home today!

It’s a commonly known fact that ginger tabbies are fans of eating—and everyone’s favorite cartoon fat cat Garfield certainly showed us that! While Emma doesn’t like to be held, she loves to love, and just look at her sweet face!

If you or anyone you know is near the Chesterfield County (Virginia) area and you can open up your home and heart to this sweet princess, please do! Please note as stated on their website, “all animals are available for adoption on a first-come, first-served basis.” 

Chesterfield County Animal Services are hard at work for our four-legged friends in need.  Read their story here from their Facebook page:

Chesterfield County Animal Services provides for the safety and welfare of residents as it pertains to the control of unsupervised domestic animals. The unit is also charged with protecting animals from inhumane treatment. Animal Services Officers enforce state laws and county ordinances as they apply to domestic animals. The Animal Shelter provides comprehensive medical care for homeless or unwanted cats and dogs until they are adopted or placed with an animal rescue organization.

Please share this so hopefully Emma can find her forever home for the new year!

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