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Why Do Cats Like To Mess With Toilet Paper?

by Cattitude Daily

Cats will be cats, won’t they? And this is especially true when it comes to naughty little kitties shredding our toilet paper. Our canine companions can be naughty too at times, but we won’t usually find them in the loo turning our two-ply toilet paper into fine pieces of paper prosciutto. So, this begs the question, why do cats like to mess with toilet paper? There are a few reasons, actually—and none of them include wasting your money!

Before we dive into the reasons why cats like to mess with toilet paper, enjoy this comic from my pal Scott Metzger. He was kind enough to allow me to include it in this article…

When cats play with toilet paper, it satisfies their hunting instincts

We all know how this scenario goes. You’ve come home from a long day and you shuffle into the restroom to clean yourself up only to find that your cat has decided to leave you shredded presents in the form of toilet paper. Of course, they aren’t there to give you puppy dog eyes and feel guilty. Because that’s not how cats roll!

For our feline friends, especially those who stay exclusively indoors, they need to find ways to titillate their strong desire to hunt. So, essentially, when your cat chooses to shred your toilet paper into little pieces, this is a form of indoor “hunting” for them. Be thankful that this is a far less gruesome cleanup than a dead bird they could bring into your home if they were permitted to travel outside!

why do cats like to play with toilet paper

Cats are naturally playful creatures!

Your cat might be the cat nap champ, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t playful by nature. And this is especially true for younger cats and kittens. If your cat likes to play with toilet paper so much that it’s wreaking havoc on your life, simply shut the door each and every time you exit the restroom…and hope that your cat hasn’t mastered opening the door on their own!

If your cat is obsessed with that Charmin, then this is their way of telling you that they need more mental stimulation. There are several enrichment ideas for indoor cats that can satisfy their desire to play, and you can find several of those listed here on our website. Boredom in cats is a very real thing, and when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Offer your cats ways to pass the time that doesn’t make for a cleanup in your restroom.

Some experts have even gone so far as to say that our cats’ desire to play with toilet paper is a means to mimic our own bathroom behavior, but I’m not so certain on that one. After all, cats would never subject themselves to the same behaviors as us mere mortals. They’re far too sophisticated for such a thing!

why do cats like to play with toilet paper

Cats love to bunny kick when they play with toilet paper—which further solidifies the theory that they’re hunting that TP

Have you ever watched your cats play together and seen them kick each other right in the belly with frenzied bunny-like feat? Well, that’s often what they do when they go at it with toilet paper, too. When cats get deep in play, they’ll often exhibit some pretty entertaining and peculiar behaviors, like bunny kicks, zoomie eyes, and chirps and trills. It’s just another reason why life with cats is always so entertaining. And, in case you didn’t know, big cats like tigers will bunny kick too!

If you’ve ever wondered why it is that your feline friend likes to follow you to the bathroom, I assure you that it’s not just because there’s toilet paper in there! Find out why it is that our cats like to accompany us to the restroom by reading this next article on CattitudeDaily.com.

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