The Slow Blink: Why Cats Do This To Us—And Even Other Cats

As they say, the eyes are the window to the soul. Our cats communicate via body language with us in a number of ways. Their tails will twitch or flip, and when it wags it’s a sign they’re irritated, much unlike when a dog’s tail wags. Their ears are very expressive, too. These erect ears of theirs act like little mood barometers atop of their heads. Did you know that cats slow blink not just with humans, but with other cats, too? Fascinating, right? Let’s dive in so you can learn why it is that cats do this interesting feline behavior.

why cats slow blink

So, what about when cats slow blink at you?

Cats are not naturally trusting and when they aren’t asleep, they spend a lot of time on high alert. And thanks to those incredible reflexes of theirs, it’s easy for them to escape impending doom. You know, like when you’ve started the vacuum cleaner in your living room.

Our feline friends will show us that they love us in a number of ways. And when your cat slow blinks at you this is a very positive thing. It means A: they trust you, and B: you make them feel relaxed. If a cat feels comfortable enough to close their eyes around you, this should speak volumes about your character.

When a cat slow blinks at you, this is their way of giving you a kitty kiss. Your cat is not a naturally relaxed creature. For them to close their eyes when you talk to them, this is the ultimate sign of trust. So, it beats what you may have thought previously that your cat was simply bored with your presence!

Cats are not going to pucker up their lips and give you a smooch if they love you. Think as if you’re a cat for a moment. Your cat is a predatory animal by nature, but small enough to also be considered prey to others larger than them in the wild. For your feline friend, they are most vulnerable when they are on their back or asleep. When your cat slow blinks, closing their eyes softly, they are not only at peace, they are incredibly relaxed and in a heavenly state.

So when you see those slow blinks come your way, this is their way of kissing you in cat logic!

Did you know that cats will even slow blink at other cats, too?

In the animal world, when animals stare into the eyes of other animals this is usually seen as a threat. explains that direct eye contact or a hard or prolonged stare is usually perceived as a threat or challenge to the recipient of that stare. If two cats are to meet and they’re not bothered by the presence of each other, then it is likely they’ll send a friendly message.

Obviously, they can do this with body language in a number of ways. But, if you watch closely when this occurs, they will often look at each other, blink, and then look away. They do this to tell each other that there is no sense of threat, fear, or danger. Now, when cats give hard stares, you’ll likely hear growling and hissing followed immediately afterward. If a cat does feel threatened by another cat’s presence, they’re not about to take their eyes off of them for a single second.

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