Why Are Cats Afraid Of Balloons?

why are cats afraid of balloons

When it comes to cats, there are many ordinary things that can send them flying. From cucumbers to mirrors, vacuums to sunglasses, our feline friends see ordinary objects much differently than we do. If there is one particular thing that many cat owners know that cats are afraid of, it’s balloons. Your cat’s globophobia—AKA balloon phobia—is a very serious issue in their minds. These popular party items signal celebration for us humans, but the same cannot be said for our cats. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “Why are cats afraid of balloons?” you wouldn’t be the first cat person to ponder this hatred between felines and balloons. Keep reading to discover the reason why your cat views a balloon as his archnemesis.

why are cats afraid of balloons

First off, your cat doesn’t technically understand what a balloon is

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re a cat. (Fun, right?) For cats, they perceive the world much differently than we do. One of the main reasons they do this is because they are both predators and prey. Meaning that they must always be on guard for potential threats and dangers that come their way. To them, a balloon is an unfamiliar shape that also comes with a strange static force around it that can quickly send their overly sensitive senses into overdrive. To your cat, that hovering balloon coming toward them might appear like a flying predator looking to catch them. This is why you will often see your cat running for cover at the sight of a balloon. Your cat could perceive this strange hovering shape as an owl, which would easily hunt a cat for a nice meal should the opportunity present itself in real life.

why are cats afraid of balloons?

Cats are afraid of balloons because of the static electricity surrounding them

Just as I mentioned above, cats have senses which are significantly heightened in comparison to ours. That static electricity surrounding a balloon that causes our hairs to stand up when placed against us is enough to make your cat panic. (Which, as a loving cat owner, you should never intentionally want to do this to your cat.) Air and sound vibrate around these strange floating objects and your cat’s super powerful whiskers can detect that something is off in the air.

When cats sense this strange vibration from balloons, it will cause them to flee. Your cat’s fight or flight response is incredible, and while they are the connoisseurs of comfort, they are also experts at protecting themselves from potential dangers…like balloons. In addition to running away, many cats are afraid of balloons and will display their hatred by hissing or growling at them—or even swat them.

The alarming sounds mixed with the strange sights of a balloon are enough to tell your cat they need to evacuate that premises immediately. Or if your cat is known for being confrontational, they might just want to attach it. Hopefully, this detailed insight into the feline mind helps you to better understand why our cats feel the way that they do about this classic party decor.

why are cats afraid of balloons

If you have an event coming up at home that requires balloons, consider giving your cat a zen den to retreat

While there are cats out there that are outgoing and eager to meet new people and pets, for the most part, cats are not crazy about these sorts of things. Cats are sensitive beings, and they can take things very personally if they’re brought into their home which they consider to be their safe space. If you have a house party coming up that requires balloons to be present, consider your cat’s feelings and respect them by offering your cat a place to retreat away from those terrifying hovering objects attached to strings. Bear in mind, that not all cats are afraid of balloons as cats are truly individuals by nature. But, why take the risk of terrifying your beloved feline?

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