Tortie Is All Smiles Now After Being Abandoned In A Crate

It goes without saying that the average cat doesn’t always have an easy start at life. But the beauty about cats is, they find it in their hearts to give humans a second chance—even when they’ve been cruelly abandoned. For Tweed, a lovely tortoiseshell feline, she is one of those cats.

But luckily for our feline friends, there are kind-hearted people in this world who are quick to swoop in and show these poor cats that not all humans are bad news.

I came across Tweed’s story on my Cattitude Daily page, and reached out to her owner to get permission to share her tragic beginning matched with a beautiful happy ending. Thankfully she agreed, so keep reading to learn all about Tweed and how she got the happy ending she rightfully deserved.

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Tweed was left on my daughter’s street. It was a dead end street. Andrea was taking her garbage bins to the road. She heard a cat crying. On inspection the cat was left in a cage. It was cold, damp March day.  Inside the cage was her food bowls, a t-shirt, and a nasty towel. The bottom of the cage was full of feces. My daughter Andrea called Animal Control. They didn’t sound to enthused, so I came and got her. 

When I got there, we loaded her in the car. Off we went to the Veterinarian. They told me she was 6 months old, and she was in perfect health. No fleas either. Since we had no idea, vaccines were given. She got a clean bill of health. We then loaded her back in the car. Off we went to our home.

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I told her her name is Tweed. I called my husband and told him the whole story. Basically said I’m getting a cat. My daughter called him as well and told him what is going on.

Now to introduce her to her new fur family. Two dogs, Max McNugget, 12 years old, and Nellie, a 145 pound Bloodhound Mastiff mix.

As you can see. Her introduction to them didn’t go as planned. By climbing up a wall, she tried to escape.

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My first mistake was taking her out of the cage. I carried her to the door. I thought she flew in the garage. I walked inside and there I found her, so I shut the door, and thankfully got her off the wall. She jumped and ran to the cupboard above fridge. We call it the crow’s nest.

Well, we all adjusted to our expanded family. Not Tweed. She didn’t, she took time.

She ate food like she never ate before. We turned the cage to her private loo. What else could we do? She can pee and poop in there to her heart’s content. We just keep her litter box in there.

It took a few days for her to friend me. My hands are still torn up from claws and teeth.

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She has settled in. We are now her servants. We had her spayed. Her goal is Empress of the world. I’m sure she make that goal.

I have never loved a cat as much as I love her. She cuddles and bites. She purrs. She has a favorite blanket. Life is good.

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I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Tweed’s rescuer and owner, Cathi, for allowing me to share her happy ending with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Do you have a special rescue story of your own to share? Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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