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Simple Ways to Help Out Your Local Rescues & Shelters

by Brittany

If you’re anything like me, you are someone who walks into an animal shelter and immediately wants to bring all the little kitties home with you. My heart just breaks knowing that there are so many cats and dogs in animal shelters across the country. Meanwhile, my head knows it’s not realistic to adopt them all (and my husband will remind me if I happen to forget). I really would love to be able to find them all amazing homes where they are spoiled rotten—as they should be!

Since it’s not exactly possible to fit thousands and thousands of animals into my one-story home, I figure it might be wise to explore some other options instead. It turns out that there are a few simple ways to help out your local rescues and shelters, and of course the animals they serve, so let’s discover what they are.

Donate Towels and Blankets

My local animal shelter is nearly always on the lookout for gently used towels and blankets. They provide a softer place for cats to curl up while they’re in their cages, waiting to be adopted by their new forever family. Dogs and cats do make messes, especially when they’re scared or in a noisy, unfamiliar place like a rescue, so towels come in handy for clean-ups and bath times. If you have some older, decent quality towels or soft, cuddly blankets, call up your local shelter and ask if they could use them. If you’re handy with knitting needles, you could even create a cuddly blanket from a pattern on the Snuggles Project.

Volunteer a Few Hours Per Month

Volunteers don’t have to be full-time to lend a helping hand at rescues or shelters. In fact, sometimes a volunteer with just a handful of hours to spare per month could come in handy. If your schedule allows it, volunteering to walk dogs or play with kittens to help socialize them can be so incredibly rewarding. This is a wonderful option if you rent somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, or you don’t have the time to devote to being a full-time pet guardian.

Be a Social Media Advocate

If you use social media like Facebook or Instagram, make sure you follow and support your local animal shelter and even national rescues. Hitting that “like” button is a super simple way to show support without having to contribute a lot of time or money to an organization. And, you never know—if you share that cute kitten photo, someone in your network just may fall in love and adopt it!

Donate Money

If you have a few dollars to spare, consider donating them to a rescue center or an animal shelter. There are endless supplies to buy, from food to toys to vet bills, and your contribution will certainly help. You can donate as little or as much as you want to because it all adds up. Consider calling up your local shelter to ask if they have an automatic monthly donation program. If so, it’s the easiest way to donate because you set a monthly donation amount and it comes out of your account like magic.

If you’re hoping to help out a rescue or shelter but can’t quite commit to adopting another cat, these are a few simple ways you can make a difference. What else would you add to the list?

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