Seven Tell-Tale Signs Your Cat Is Happy

As devoted cat moms and dads, we love nothing more than to know our feline friend is healthy and happy. Cats are stoic beings, so sometimes it can be tricky for us to figure out how they’re feeling. We know that there are tell-tale signs when a cat is lonely or depressed, but what about the signs your cat is happy? There are certain signs your cat will signal to you when they are happy, just keep reading to find out what they are!

Here are 7 tell-tale signs your cat is happy…

signs your cat is happy

When your cat sees you, they start purring

Purring is used for many reasons, but obviously, a cat’s purr is often a signal of contentment. If you happen to notice that your cat’s purr motor gets going whenever you are near, this is a clear sign that your cat is happy in your presence. If you haven’t done so already, you should take this as the ultimate compliment because cats don’t like just anyone. This means you are making your cat just as happy as they make you.

Kitty likes to rub on you—and your home

If you notice your cat headbutting you or rubbing your legs, they are saying to the world that you are theirs. And the same can be said when your cat starts rubbing themselves on things in your home, such as tables, sofas, chairs, etc. This is their way of saying all these things are mine, which makes me happy.

signs your cat is happy

Kitty likes to be seen

A lot of cats are naturally shy beings, and that’s okay. But cats that are outgoing and gravitate toward the humans in their home will do so because they are happy, feel comfortable, and do not sense any danger. Cats are constantly on guard as it’s in their nature to be this way. So, if your kitty likes to stroll around peacefully, this means that they are happy in their home and with their humans.

Your cat likes to have a dialogue with you

There are many sounds that cats make, and some of them can signal things wrong. Caterwauling or yowling, for example, can be heard when cats are upset over something. But, if your cat loves to chirp and trill and communicate via soft meows, this is a sign that they are happy in their surroundings and feel comfortable communicating with the humans in their home.

signs your cat is happy

Your cat is friendly to guests in your home

Of course, there are some cats, and even cat breeds, which are known for being shy. But when you have a cat that is willing and eager to greet the visitors coming to your home, this is a clear sign that your cat is happy. And why is that? Well, because it means your kitty is confident—and you can thank your cat parenting skills for that. There are many cases in which a shy cat learns how to come out of their shell, so consider this a job well done for having helped your kitty to blossom into a confident cat.

Your cat follows you around on a regular basis

Cats can certainly be clingy if they are kittens, or when they are insecure and crying out to you. But if your kitty likes to follow you around the house out of curiosity, they are likely doing so because being in your presence makes them happy. Cats tend to gravitate toward people and things that make them feel good, so consider this sign your cat is happy as a compliment because your cat would rather be with you than anyone else! Now, if you happen to be entering the kitchen, don’t flatter yourself too much since your cat is smart and knows this is where the food is located. 

signs your cat is happy

Your cat has a thing for “kneading” you

We know the old wives’ tales that cats and kittens will make biscuits on humans when they were taken away from their mothers too young. And while there is some truth behind this theory, there is a reason why your cat “kneads” you. When your cat is sitting on you and they start kneading you, they are doing this because they are happy and feel comforted by your presence. This is one of the ways that your cat says “I love you” in their language. Want to know some more? Read all about them here on Cattitude Daily.

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