Meet Tomitilii: A Sassy Tortie From Romania With Total Tortitude

There is something so lovely and intriguing about tortoiseshell cats. These feline females are often full of sass and class, and no two will ever be truly identical. For cat lovers all over the world, tortoiseshell cats are a favorite among many. And it’s easy to see why if you’ve ever had the chance to know one!

For Tomitilii, she’s a gorgeous tortoiseshell cat from Bucharest, Romania. I caught up with her cat dad hoping to feature her on my website, and thankfully he agreed. So, everyone, meet little miss Tomitilii, a sassy and sweet tortoiseshell cat who shines like a star in all her precious photos!

How did Tomitilii come into your life?

When I turned 20 years old, I moved in alone and my girlfriend from that period was a cat lover, so she kept proposing to me to take in a cat. Those first few months I kept hearing my mother’s voice in my head: “no pets at home”, but then my brain started to wonder if I would be able to handle and take care of a little life…

After one year I finally decided it was time. I told my girlfriend that we could get a cat, and she had already found someone on Facebook who was offering some kittens for adoption. When we arrived at the location, we found out someone else had already taken in the little cat we went to see. He was a gray male with blue spots. 

baby Tomitilii

In that lady’s yard, next to a stump, a small ball, colored with yellow eyes was playing. It was Tomitilii. In those quick moments I knew she would be mine. Although she was female, being a big fan of drawings with Tom and Jerry from childhood, I decided that no matter if she was a young lady, she will still be called TOM , which later took on a more feminine version with Tomitilii. Now she’s a big, colorful ball, and I will love her forever.

What is her personality like?

She is stubborn—either you do as she says or you die.

Does she have any other cat or dog housemates at home?

She had two cat friends in the past for a few months. I had a neighbor who owned those cats who moved to England. One of those friendly cats was Miau, a big black and white tomcat. He was like a cow. Two years ago he died, unfortunately, when he fell from the balcony on the 10th floor. Now it’s just me, my new girlfriend, and Tomitilii, no children, no cat babies…at least so far.

What are her favorite hobbies?

Apart from annoying me with her status as a princess around the house when I work or have a job she comes and “bothers” me in those moments, however I still love her, it seems to me the perfect cat for a small apartment that compensates with her big soul. Like other cats: she likes to meow, eat, sleep, and go to litter. 

And most importantly to sharpen her nails on the most expensive furniture in the apartment, she has a magic way of knowing which pieces of furniture are most expensive. It’s MAGIC!

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Tomitilii?

I’m thankful that she’s accepted me into her life, it’s made everything more special. 

I’d like to give a special “mulțumesc” to Robert Catu for allowing me to share Tomitilii’s story with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. Her story just goes to show you that geographic location doesn’t matter when it comes to tortoiseshell cats and their undeniable tortitude! For more on this sassy sweetheart, check out her out on Instagram here!

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All Images Courtesy of tomitilii on Instagram

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