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Meet Mostaccioli & Izanami: A Pair Of Purrfectly Adorable Felines

by Cattitude Daily

If there’s one thing that makes cats so special and unique, it’s their fur. Our feline friends can come in a wide variety of shades with stunning patterns, and no two are ever truly identical. For a pair of kitties named Mostaccioli & Izanami out of California, they’re two cute cats that are steadily growing a fanbase online. And although Mostaccioli is quickly drawing attention for her purrfect little feline mustache, her cat housemate, Izanami, is worthy of praise too if you ask me! I caught up with their owner hoping to feature the pair on the site, and thankfully, their cat mom agreed.

So, everyone, please meet Mostaccioli & Izanami

Mostaccioli & IzanamiMostaccioli & Izanami

How did Mostaccioli & Izanami come into your life?

I found Mostaccioli in my mom’s garden soaking wet from the sprinklers when she was a day old. I dried her and her brothers as quickly as I could, and was able to lure their feral mother into a large kennel. I was then able to properly monitor them and give all of them the proper nutrition they needed. When everyone was old enough, I spayed their mother and adopted out Mostaccioli’s brothers. As Mostaccioli started growing, we realized that she might need another cat to grow up with, so my parents gave me Izanami as a gift for my birthday.

Mostaccioli & Izanami Mostaccioli & Izanami

How did you choose their names?

When we noticed her mustache we immediately thought Mario, but she was a girl, and Maria didn’t stick, so instead, we started thinking about Italian-sounding names. I then decided to search up kinds of pasta, because when I think Italian, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. That’s when I discovered that there’s also pasta that means Mustache!! Mostaccioli’s name fit her perfectly.

When we got Izanami, I knew I had wanted to name her something Japanese, because I like how some of the names sound. I watch a bit of anime so I wondered if I wanted to name her a character I liked. I decided on Izanami, because she is the goddess of the underworld, and Izanami just carries herself like a Queen with attitude, but really she’s the sweetest thing ever.

How do they get along with one another?

Izanami and Mostaccioli absolutely adore each other. They’re actually only a few days apart in age! They spend 50% of their time snuggling, 20% grooming each other, and 30% playing around. When I first introduced them to each other, they were wary at first, but by the 3rd day, they started playing together, and by the fourth, I found them asleep by my pillow together. They’ve been fiercely bonded ever since. 

Mostaccioli & Izanami Mostaccioli & Izanami

How would you describe each of their personalities?

Mostaccioli is very outgoing and definitely a people pleaser and attention seeker. She’s naturally inquisitive and very athletic! When I’m on my bed she constantly wants to be pet, and if her Sherpa blanket is on the bed, she’ll immediately go to work baking some biscuits for me. She’s super talkative and won’t be shy to beg for attention by going up to you and asking for pets. 

Izanami is best described as a loaf of bread. She would rather be asleep on freshly dried laundry, her flower bed, or by the window to catch the cooler air and hunt for birds through the window. She’s the one who most frequently chatters for the birds when they stop by the water fountain in front. She does get spurts of energy, and when she does, she’s lightning fast! She always has this look on her face of don’t touch me, but in reality, all she wants are pats and back scratches. She’s still studying how to make two-handed biscuits, but so far she’s only mastered one-handed. 

What are their favorite hobbies?

Mostaccioli loves talking to new people and playing with her feather toy or that evil laser toy. Izanami’s favorite hobby is sleeping, and food. 

Mostaccioli & IzanamiMostaccioli & Izanami

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about them?

Mostaccioli actually knows how to play dead! I’ll say “bang!” and it takes her a few shots to bring her ‘down’. The best part is that she will often complain with a meow as I say bang, as if she was actually hit, it’s the greatest thing ever. Izanami doesn’t know any tricks, but she definitely knows how to be adorable and beg for treats with her silent rare meows, and even the more rare loud meow for double treats. 

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to their cat mom, Natalie, for allowing me to share their story and cute photos with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. If you know another cat lover who would love seeing this pair, don’t forget to share! And to see more of Mostaccioli & Izanami, check them out here on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of Mostaccioli & Izanami on Instagram

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