Orphaned Kitten Transforms Into Her Majesty the Queen of Evil

When we rescue a wee little kitten, we are instantly smitten with their cuteness and the way in which they rely on us for so much. It makes us feel special and appreciated with each and every squeaky meow and powerful purr they bestow upon us. With proper care and lots of love, these tiny kittens grow into happy cats—but sometimes, they become a bit too big for their britches. Suddenly that once sweet cat is sassy and quick to let you know who runs the roost. Such is the case for one orphaned kitten named Leia…or should I say, Her Majesty the Queen of Evil!

How did she get her original name, Leia, and when did she transform into Her Majesty the Queen of Evil?

We are BIG Star Wars fans. Since she was our first female cat, we named her Leia. We never really called her Leia. I used to walk into the house and say “Baby???” And she would come running. She was Baby for a while, then as she aged into her teenage years, she became, um, moody. Then she became EvilQueen.

How does she get along with the other cats in your home?

She bullies our other female, Darby. She chases her, corners her, and pops her. But her brothers return the favor. She gets along best with Ozzy, which coincidentally acts a lot like her. We call him Evil Jr.

What are her favorite hobbies?

Her favorite hobbies are chasing crinkle balls, eating Squeeze Ups, and thinning out the lizard population one lizard at a time.

I’m assuming you’d rate her cattitude as a 10 out of 10?

Catitude level: Expert.

What’s something special you’d like for others to know about Her Majesty the Queen of Evil?

Her Royal Highness, even with all of her attitude, doesn’t meow. She squeaks. It sounds so cute and so sweet. She’s like a furry Siren, that lures you in and then goes in for the kill. She also likes to snuggle with me at night, but if another cat comes in the room, she immediately jumps up, like she can’t ruin her evil reputation! Even though she’s moody, I love her, and secretly she’s my favorite of our 6 fur babies!!

She is a 3 yr old rescue that was orphaned when she was only a few weeks old. We bottle-fed her and evidently spoiled her a bit too much. As a kitten, she clung to me. She took daily car rides to pick the kids up from school. Now, she growls if you pick her up. She growls if you rub her. She hisses after you put her down. She only wants loving when you are on the toilet, or it’s 4 am. But she will never refuse a good ear rub. She is picky about what she will eat. She demands water from the bathtub faucet and refuses to drink from a mere bowl. That is totally beneath her. BUT with all her diva-ness, she is always the first to welcome a new kitten to the fold. She bathes them, cuddles them, and shows them the ropes. We know she loves us, DEEP down, somewhere. As she gets older she has started to mellow some, but she is still the Queen of Tuxitude around these parts. And all of that attitude is why we love her. And love to dress her up. Maybe that’s why she lays across my face making sure I can’t breathe at 4 am??

I want to give a special “thank you” to Her Majesty’s cat mom, Jennifer, for allowing me to share her cat’s story and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

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