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Meet Maja The Oriental Cat: A Gentle Soul With Looks To Match

by Cattitude Daily

I love cats of all kinds—but there is something about black cats that I can’t get enough of. These sleek little mini panthers are adored by cat lovers worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. For one super cool black cat named Maja, she’s an Oriental Shorthair cat living in London, England. Maja is eye-catching, not only for her long, ballerina-like frame but also for her striking features and loveable ears. But don’t let all those fierce stares fool you because the truth is, she’s a big softie! I caught up with her cat dad, hoping to feature her on the site, and thankfully for me, he agreed. So, everyone get to know Maja…

Maja the Oriental Cat Maja the Oriental Cat

How did you come up with her cute name?

Maja is named after one of the greatest ballerinas of the century. Russian Ballerina (Maya Plisetskaya), because she is so graceful when she walks. Her movement (and her coat) is fluid and silky black.

What is her personality like?

Maja is cautious but curious. She will wait patiently from a good vantage point and eventually investigate anything new. Loud, unexpected noises and she lunges for a hidden spot. It’s every cat for themselves!

Maja the Oriental Cat Maja the Oriental Cat

What are her favorite hobbies?

She is a trained assassin. Flies are no match for her patience, cunning, and lightning attack. They fly into the window and are completely oblivious to the idea that they’ve wandered into the proverbial “lion’s den.” Their death is assured. Various colorful strings and houseplants have met a similarly grisly demise. Maja is also an avid birdwatcher.

Does she have any dog or cat housemates at home?

Maja has Loki. Loki is a white Siamese cat with blue eyes. He’s slightly younger than Maja and his personality is entirely opposite to hers. Loki still acts like he’s a kitten. He’s bold and sticks his nose into anything; his curiosity is insatiable. He has his own Instagram page here: lokithewhitesiamesecat

Loki the White Siamese Maja the Oriental Cat

Is she chatty like most Oriental Shorthair cats?

She didn’t use to be. She has become much chattier in the last 6 months. She has discovered that when she wants my attention, she simply looks me in the eyes and meows; I am overcome with an urge to go and pet her and rub her gently. This process seems to have accelerated over the last months. It must be nice to get a massage on request.

What’s something special you’d like for people to know about Maja?

Maja is a gentle soul (unless you’re a fly or a string!). She loves to curl up on my lap or climb to a high vantage point and survey everything. She is a thoughtful cat and makes decisions and movements only after careful study and observation. She and Loki both eat only raw meat. Cats are complete carnivores, after all.

Maja the Oriental Cat Maja the Oriental Cat

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Maja’s human, Steve, for allowing me to share her story and precious images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on this beautiful girl, be sure to check her out here on Instagram. And if you’d like to learn more about Oriental Shorthair cats, check out this article here on CattitudeDaily to learn all about this cool cat breed.

Maja the Oriental Cat Maja the Oriental Cat

All Images Courtesy of majatheorientalcat on Instagram

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