Environmentally Conscious Cat Sands for Responsible Pet Owners

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  1. Key Points
  2. Max Power: Total Odor Control
    $11.49 ($0.05 / Fl Oz)

    by Cat's Pride 

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    02/19/2024 01:20 am GMT
    Cat's Pride Eco-Friendly Unscented Cat Litter
  3. Feline Pine Original Cat Litter
  4. Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter
  5. Pro Tips
  6. Hidden Gems
  7. Under Recognized Facts
  8. Help the Environment, One Scoop at a Time

Key Points

  • All three of these biodegradable litters are lightweight and help the environment.

  • Many cats prefer unscented clumping litter to ones that have a strong, flowery scent.

  • Pelleted horse bedding may be an inexpensive alternative to regular cat litter.

It's important to think about the environmental impact of the products you use, including cat litter. As a responsible pet owner and citizen, consider using environmentally conscious cat litter for your feline.

This comprehensive guide explores three eco-friendly cat litter options that offer various benefits, allowing you to make an informed decision for your furry companion. They each have unique aspects that cater to individual preferences and lifestyles.

Choose the one that's right for you and our planet.

Max Power: Total Odor Control
$11.49 ($0.05 / Fl Oz)

by Cat's Pride 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 01:20 am GMT
Cat's Pride Eco-Friendly Unscented Cat Litter

Some cat litters have strong, flowery scents. They overpower your senses and may turn off your cat.

Veterinarian Dr. Jamie Case lives in Missouri with a menagerie of animals. In an article on PetMD, she writes, "Cats tend to prefer unscented clumping cat litter that’s medium-fine textured. Giving your cat some samples by putting litter boxes side by side with different litters can be a great way to determine which they prefer."

This makes the case for Cat's Pride, though the fact that it's unscented may not be enough to convince your cat. If you switch litters, introduce them gradually by mixing them, starting with a small amount of the new litter in their old litter. Increase the amount of new litter and decrease the amount of old until the switch is complete.

Lightweight and Low Dust Formula

When you choose Cat's Pride Eco-Friendly Unscented Cat Litter, you opt for a product that's easier on both you and your pet. Litter is sometimes cumbersome to move, but this lightweight formula makes it easy to handle, pour, and transport. Plus, you don't want a cloud of litter dust to come up in your face when you pour it into the box. The low dust formula eliminates that problem.

Made From 100 Percent Recycled Paper

Environmentally conscious consumers appreciate that recycled paper makes up Cat's Pride Cat Litter. This means that, by using this litter, you help to save trees and reduce waste in landfills. The paper content also makes the cat litter more absorbent and better at trapping odors.

Easy Disposal and Biodegradable

Cat's Pride Cat Litter not only has eco-friendly origins, but its disposal is also easier on the environment. As a biodegradable material, once the litter reaches the end of its lifespan, it breaks down naturally. You dispose of it responsibly without causing harm to the planet.


Although it's unscented, this litter may not be as effective at masking odors as other brands. Multiple customers also say that the product is inconsistent, arriving in two different colors and coarseness. However, this might be due to the variance in the wood.

Original Cat Litter

by Feline Pine 

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Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

Many horse owners use pine pellets in their stalls because of how well it soaks up urine and eliminates odors. It's no surprise that cat litter uses them too.

In fact, in this Reddit post on June 20, 2023, a cat owner suggests using horse bedding pellets as an inexpensive alternative to cat litter.

Natural Pine Pellet Material

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter contains all-natural pine pellets, offering you and your cat an environmentally friendly option. The unique pine material boasts a pleasant, natural scent that efficiently masks litter box odors. These pellets come from reclaimed wood, making this choice even more eco-conscious.

Non-Clumping and Highly Absorbent

Like traditional clay litter, Feline Pine Cat Litter doesn't clump. Its highly absorbent pine pellets effectively soak up liquids, reducing odors and creating a clean, comfortable environment for your cat. The pellets disintegrate as they absorb moisture, so cleanup is quick and simple. Throw out the used litter and replace it with new when it's time.

Chemical and Fragrance-Free

Not only is Feline Pine Cat Litter an eco-friendly choice, but it's also good for your cat's health by being free of harsh chemicals, additives, and synthetic fragrances. This makes it an ideal option for those cats with allergies or sensitivities. It gives them a comfortable and non-irritating environment.


Since the pellets don't coat, they may not cover up odors as well. Some customers say it smells "earthy," while others say they smell cat feces. Others say they end up cleaning a lot of sawdust as the pellets disintegrate, but it's easier to clean up than clay. Also, some cats may not like the texture of the larger pellets.

Cat Litter - Walnut-Based Kitty Litter
$24.99 ($0.06 / Fl Oz)

by Naturally Fresh 

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02/19/2024 12:40 am GMT

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter

If you want another eco-friendly choice, but in a clumping litter, this is it. What do you do with walnut shells? Throw them away — or make cat litter.

Made From Crushed Walnut Shells

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter is unique in that it's composed of walnut shells, a natural and renewable resource. This innovative material is not only eco-friendly but also provides exceptional odor control and is biodegradable for easy, environmentally responsible disposal.

Excellent Odor Control

One of the main advantages of Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter is its unmatched ability to control odors. The natural properties of crushed walnut shells neutralize ammonia and eliminate unpleasant smells. It offers a fresh and clean home environment for both you and your cat, and it's good for the environment when you dispose of it.

Low Dust and Easy Clumping

In addition to its environmentally friendly nature, Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is easy to maintain due to its low dust profile and clumping capabilities. This makes any daily litter box maintenance hassle-free, and customers love the clumping ability. For even easier cleanup, use an automatic litter box. This avoids constant bending and scooping.


Some customers question why two different packages are different colors, but some walnut shells are darker than others, which may account for the difference. This product may be dusty, but it's difficult to find completely dust-free litter.

Pro Tips

As an expert and cat owner myself, there are a few tidbits of advice I'd like to share:

  • To reduce litter tracking, place a litter-catching mat by the entrance of the litter box.

  • Regularly scoop and clean the litter box to maintain freshness and reduce odors.

  • If you have trees and flower beds, use these biodegradable litters as compost to avoid throwing them in the bin.

Hidden Gems

While eco-friendly cat litters tend to have a higher up-front cost than traditional clay-based litters, they often last longer and are more effective at controlling odors. This means you may save money in the long run by using less litter overall. Some customers note that one bag is equal to two bags of other types of litter.

Under Recognized Facts

Some lesser-known tidbits about eco-friendly cat litter that are worth considering include:

  • Many of these litters contain natural enzymes or ingredients that stop bacteria growth and improve health.

  • Switching from traditional clay-based litter to eco-friendly alternatives reduces the amount of strip-mined clay that ends up in landfills.

  • The renewable and sustainable nature of eco-friendly cat litter reduces pollution and conserves resources.

Help the Environment, One Scoop at a Time

When you have an indoor cat, you must have litter boxes. With multiple cats comes more litter boxes and, consequently, a lot more litter. With so much litter, you want to cut down on how much that contributes to landfills and how it impacts our environment.

From the recycled paper in Cat's Pride and reclaimed wood of Feline Pine to the uniqueness of the crushed walnuts in Naturally Fresh, they're all biodegradable as they return to the earth.

These litters help you and your cat do your part to preserve our planet. You want your cat to live a long and happy life on a healthy planet.

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