Croatian Kitty Named Scar The Pirate Cat Is Beautiful Inside And Out

Scar the pirate cat

I am a person who believes that all cats are beautiful. And I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for special needs cats. These resilient felines often don’t realize they are any different from your average cat, and they inspire us with their strength and courage to go about life as if nothing can hold them back. For Scar, he’s a gorgeous cat who also happens to have a pirate look to him. But it just makes him even more beautiful if you ask me. And, once you learn about him, you’ll discover that he is beautiful inside and out. With lots of love, Scar has blossomed from a malnourished, sickly kitten to a beautiful, fluffy head-turner. All it took was someone to take a chance when no one else wanted him.

Scar the pirate cat Scar the pirate cat

How did Scar come into your life?

28.11.2020. I found Scar (he was born 15.9.2020.) on the most popular Croatian classifieds “njuskalo”. No one was interested in him because the picture showed a poor kitten with a newly operated right eye because he had big inflammation. I called the person who posted the ad for adoption and found out that I was actually the first to answer and that Scar was 100km/63miles away. An hour and a half drive and I was there, in the city of Rijeka. The first meeting with him, Scar was afraid of unknown people and hid behind the cat carrier.

After a minute of calling, he gathered his courage and came into my arms. As soon as I put him on my lap and began to pet him carefully because he was extremely thin…he snuggled up and fell asleep. That’s when I knew I was ” the chosen one”. When he arrived home, he was so scared that it took him a few weeks to adjust and to step out of my bedroom.

This was taken immediately after the operation in the city of Rijeka
Here you can see just how small he was.

How would you describe his personality?

Timid, scary, big baby, hates baths, stubborn, afraid of new people and noises, attached to owners, loves pats on the back (never on the belly), smart, quarrelsome, playful (his favorite toy is an olive branch), manipulator, empathetic, funny, always there when it is most needed, special.

What are his favorite hobbies?

Sunbathing, catching lizards/birds/snakes/grasshoppers, he likes to drink rainwater, touching your face while you sleep, meowing in the early hours just to wake you up, lying in the shade under a sun lounger, chilling on tiles, climbing olive trees, playing with my best friend, begging for treats, walking with my owners.

Does he have any dog or cat housemates at home?

Yes, three cat friends and one dog friend.

Scar the pirate cat

What’s something special you’d like for others to know about Scar?

Well, first and obviously, he has a handicap that makes him special. Whenever I think of him, he appears out of nowhere as if reading my mind. He understands commands such as “high five”, “turn” and “sit”, in exchange for favorite treats. He loves his blanket, on which he always likes to lie down and seems to fall into a kind of trance: he throws himself on his side and falls as if he has lost his balance, makes biscuits, purrs a lot, looks at you if you stop petting him, and in winter he goes under the blanket.

Scar the pirate cat Scar the pirate cat

I would like to give a special “thank you” to Scar’s owner for allowing me to share his story and images with all of the Cattitude Daily readers. For more on this precious kitty cat, be sure to check him out here on Instagram.

All Images Courtesy of scar_the_pirate on Instagram

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