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Contractor Saves 16 Cats From The Walls Of An Abandoned Home

by Cattitude Daily

For one man who went to work this past Sunday, things took a very unexpected twist. What started as a regular workday turned into a rescue mission, after a contractor was sent to work on an abandoned building in West Philadelphia. The new homeowners reported that they’d heard the sounds of meows coming from the walls. And, upon arrival, the man certainly heard them, too. But he was especially take aback when a kitten fell from that very same wall where the meows were coming from.

Taking matters into his own hands, he broke down the wall to reveal an astonishing and heartbreaking site. For eight long hours he worked, freeing 16 felines in dire need of help. The contractor brought all of the rescued felines straight to Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia so they could receive the medical attention they so desperately needed.

May be an image of cat and indoor

May be an image of dog, cat and indoor

In a post from this past Sunday, ACCT reported the startling news to their Facebook community. Their emotional post, including heart wrenching photos, said that,

Sunday started out a bit differently for a contractor working on an abandoned house. The home owners had heard meowing in the walls, and when he opened the wall, he found 9 adult cats with 7 kittens . Thankfully, he was able to get them out and bring them to us – but it took eight hours to do so. We’re so glad that he did, as quite a few aren’t in great shape, and sadly, one of the kittens was not able to be saved.

The cats are scared, some will require more socialization, but right now they are resting in their cages.

But they are only some of the more than 40 cats we took in today, and we know that more will coming through our doors tomorrow and everyday.

YOU can help! If you’ve thought about fostering a cat or kitten, we could really use your help right now. Whether you can foster a bottle baby kitten overnight, have a spare bathroom for a needy mom and her litter, or to a shy adult cat like one of the wall cats who needs some time and space to decompress, we need you. – @. !

May be an image of cat

May be an image of cat

If you’re thinking of adopting, now is a great time! We have many cats and kittens looking for loving homes. All are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption!

Can’t adopt or foster? Please consider making a donation via this post or purchasing items we need off of our Amazon wishlist! In particular, the royal canin kitten food is always at the top of our needs list! ❤️ http://bit.ly/ACCTPhillyAmazon

When one commenter remarked on the cramped cages, ACCT Philly reported that,

“…he wasn’t expecting to find cats or kittens in the wall, so used the crates he could get access to. Many people wouldn’t even do that. We transferred them to their own cages quickly as you can see in the other photos.”

May be an image of cat and indoor

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Check out this clip from NBC 10 Philadelphia News:

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to the dedicated individuals at ACCT Philly for all that they do for animals in need. And for the wonderful human being who made it his mission to bring these helpless cats to safety, you’re a real hero in my book! For the latest information on these cats, please follow their journey on ACCT Philly’s Facebook page.

May be an image of cat

May be an image of cat

All Images Courtesy of ACCT Philly

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